API down?

(MeetJoeBlack) #1

Trying to create a character sheet on eveboard but the link to the eve community site(where you get your api) is just showing a 404 wormhole collapsed error page??

(Steve Ronuken) #2

The XML api is being retired tomorrow.

In advance of that, the page to manage it has been taken down.

(Kyo Landz) #3

Well do to this. I’m unable to undock in nullsec. I now have to wait to join a corp. I finally get some time to play this week and I cant. So what am I to do other them just sit?

(Steve Ronuken) #4

Unable to undock in nullsec?

How so? Is there some corporation which is completely clueless (this has been coming for months) and demanding an eveboard link?

(MeetJoeBlack) #5

will there be another way to link character skills,info,etc??


(ISD Sakimura) #6

You can use the EVESkillBoard.com instead, which uses the ESI Swagger API.

(Ortho Loess) #7

SEAT would be an obvious choice for the corp to be using (If v3 is out yet)

Or something like eveboard might get made that uses esi EDIT: like the one linked by ISD Sakimura while I was typing :slight_smile:

(MeetJoeBlack) #8

Thank you for the replies.

(Ya tuchka) #9

I want to make a skill plan. All programs use API. And what should I do now? F**k this…

(Leernok) #10

I’m waiting too… =(

(Jenne Wain) #11

Another very viable alternative is:


(Brian Kith) #12

Pretty sure eve-skillplan uses the API as well . . . I’ve been searching all morning and haven’t yet found an alternative to Evemon.

(Vixen Vix) #13

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