API down?

Trying to create a character sheet on eveboard but the link to the eve community site(where you get your api) is just showing a 404 wormhole collapsed error page??

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The XML api is being retired tomorrow.

In advance of that, the page to manage it has been taken down.

Well do to this. I’m unable to undock in nullsec. I now have to wait to join a corp. I finally get some time to play this week and I cant. So what am I to do other them just sit?

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Unable to undock in nullsec?

How so? Is there some corporation which is completely clueless (this has been coming for months) and demanding an eveboard link?

will there be another way to link character skills,info,etc??


You can use the EVESkillBoard.com instead, which uses the ESI Swagger API.


SEAT would be an obvious choice for the corp to be using (If v3 is out yet)

Or something like eveboard might get made that uses esi EDIT: like the one linked by ISD Sakimura while I was typing :slight_smile:

Thank you for the replies.

I want to make a skill plan. All programs use API. And what should I do now? F**k this…

I’m waiting too… =(

Another very viable alternative is:


Pretty sure eve-skillplan uses the API as well . . . I’ve been searching all morning and haven’t yet found an alternative to Evemon.

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