Apocrypha 2.0

Patch notes for EVE ONLINE: Apocrypha 2.0
Release: never

Where is only one way to make the Eve Online world of New Eden big and great again - making big patches, with big bunch of content.

PART 1. How hard can it be? Am I wrong in anything?
BASIC reasonable proposition which requires no hard work from CCP

  • NPC all over New Eden will now focus drones in “aggressive mode”
  • Non DED military complexes will get their escalation rates boosted. Every complex now escalates in 50% of the cases.
  • NPC anomalies will no longer escalate into DED sites, however they will escalate into non DED escalations (Base, Fortress, Military complex, Staging Point), with first escalation being spawned in the system it escalated from.
  • DED military complexes have loot drops significantly boosted. (average 3.5 DED modules per overseer). New DED modules added into the game.
  • NPC belt officers, now warp away in case of not being pointed and receiving heavy damage.
  • NPC belt officers, now have a slender chance of dropping pirate capital BPC. Higher the meta of officer, higher the opportunity of the better drop.
  • Overseer items, can now be used as a strongbox, with the possibility of getting faction items, taggs, faction BPCs,or military complex coordinates (expeditions), or…. nothing. Concord is no more interested in acquiring these items for isk (may be exchanged for concord lp)
  • Players now have an option to remap (ones per year) mission agents payments, players can balance mission rewards payments proportions between LP and ISK. Additional remap can be acquired in EVE STORE for the cost of 1000 plex.
Game mechanics and Gameplay
  • Players can now open 2 overview windows at once
  • Jumping through gates and wormholes, undocking does not reset and zoom camera no more
  • No skills can be extracted from characters with under 5 million SP
  • In faction warfare, no faction player can dock into any citadel in space belonging to the opposing faction
  • In faction warfare, ships with fitted warp stabs can no longer run beacons.
  • In faction warfare, a player warping of the incomplete beacon, has 2 minutes to warp back, over wise timers reset.
  • In faction warfare, once you jumped the beacon acceleration gate, you may no longer cloak. Due to environmental effects.
  • In highsec and lowsec space, the number of citadels in system affects concord taxes per citadel. Higher the number, higher the tax (exponentially).
  • Concord no longer offers insurance to players with over 15 mill sp.
  • Server works fine, now on CCP will be more attentive to loss reimbursements (less compensations)
  • sell/buy orders can no more be modified over 10 times between server downtimes (new skill is added, max trained allows up to 15 order modifications between server downtimes)
  • sell and buy orders cannot be modified no more in case if modification is less than 0.5% percent of the order (basic stats are 1%, but the new skill is added, max trained moves the figure down to 0,5%)
    Modules and ship rebalance
  • cargohold bays remap. Battleships and battlecruisers receive bigger cargos, while cruisers and frigates now will have to plan their cargohold.
    • t1 battleships (except nestor) receive 200% modification
    • battlecruiser class vessels (except tier3 hulls) receive 125% modification
    • cruiser class vessels receive 75% modification
    • t1 combat frigates receive 60% modification
    • marauders (and nestor) receive 150% modification
  • interceptor tweaks.
    • interceptors with warp disruptors bonus are losing immunity to interdiction spheres and warp disruption field generators.
    • in exchange they are receiving a 15% mass tweak, and a 30% probes strength bonus.
  • Nestor ship maintenance bay.
    • increase of ship maintenance bay to accommodate a frigate class vessels
    • Due to maintenance bay nestor receives only 150% cargohold bay boost.
  • Faction guns are now t2 ammo compatibility.
    • t2 ammo can now be used on faction guns
    • corresponding specialization requirements have been added to the ammo
  • Noctis rebalance.
    • Noctis tractor speed and range have been boosted 200%.
    • Salvager cycle time also been boosted 200%
    • Agility bonus 10% per level
  • Cynofield field generators and covert cynofield generators.
    • Cynofield field generator now requires have warming-up timers.
    • Recon ships, heavy interdictors and capitals still have instant cynofield field generators
    • all over ships now have 20 seconds warming-up cycles.
    • cynofield generator skill, is speeding up the warm-up timer by one second per level. So fastest timer for non-bonused ships is 15 seconds.

Part 2. Apart from part 1. Wet dreams about pink pony. Why the hel not?
New content and new gameplay.

1. The return of event beacon sites.

(source of damage/tank/speed boosters, attributes boosters, and rarely geckos)

  • New Eden had seen many events. Serpentis, Guristas, Blood, Sleepers ones… Now they all return, all past events can now be found again.
  • Beacons (sites) will be rare, spawn rates will be just 10% in comparison to the events times.
  • Beacons will only appear in low sec, null sec and WH space.
2. Drone extraction sites

(source of new drone implants, new unique PVE site approach)

  • “after dozens of years of experiments scientists of “your name here” NPC corporation found a way to boost capsuleer – drone interaction. Combination of sentient drones undamaged “critical drone data” and corporation’s newly developed BPC allowed to create new drone interfaced implants. However, in an incomprehensible way, secret labs were attacked by rogue drones.”
  • all over new eden, except high security space, drones extraction labs can be scanned down. These sites are full of rogue drones.
  • as the player warps in drones divide themselves into 2 groups. First group attacks, webifies, scrams the capsuleer. Second one starts to destroy remaining labs (hackable containers).
  • if the capsuleer manages to hack some of the containers, he might get some of the implants BPCs.
  • these are not common BPCs, they just state the kind of bonus (and implant slot) they are. The strength of the implant is based on “sentient drones goo” applied to the BPC.
  • drones extraction labs located in drone regions, have extra many and fierce drones NPCs (site requires a small team to complete), these sites may drop DA implants sets BPCs. DA implants are very alike to CA implants, but give bonuses to fighters, and fighter bombers.
  • in order to create drone implants “sentient drones goo” is required. Following data can be only extracted from rogue sentient drones.
  • in order to extract this goo a capsuleer must warp disrupt a sentient drone, and hack him using data analyser. There is only one try per sentient ship. The bigger the ship, the harder is the hacking game.
  • while hacking sentient drone, capsuleers ship cannot receive reps, and gets 500% signature penalty. Moreover, all ships on grid will instantly focus fire on the hacking ship. Failed hacking turns offline one to few midslot modules on the ship.
  • frigate size sentient drones may produce implants for +1% attributes.
  • cruiser size sentient produces +2% attributes
  • battleship size sentient produces +3% attributes
  • carrier size sentient produces +4% attributes
  • supercarrier size sentient produces +5% attributes
  • DA implants require +4 and +5 critical data.
  • drone implants give following bonuses 6th slot – drones damage, 7th slot – drones speed, 8th slot – drones tracking, 9th slot – drones optimal, 10th slot – drones HP (HP bonused implants receive *3 bonuses to attributes, so it is +3/+6/+9/+12/+15% to drones hp)
  • DA implants apply bonuses only to fighters (all kind of fighters) : DA-1 +2% damage and implants set bonus, DA-2 +2% speed bonus and implants set bonus, DA-3 +2% tracking and set bonus, DA-4 +2% optimal and set bonus, DA-5 +6% and implants set bonus. If fitted together, due to set bonus, fighter receive +12% to all attributes but hitpoints (+36% hp).
3. Sisters “sole support vessels”

(new sisters t2 ships with unique gameplay, new PVE approach giving incentives to people to pay attention to the game)

  • sole sisters support vessels NPCs might now be found in any site(except combat anomaly), or location of WH and NULLsec space (they particulary like like belts and military complexes).
  • There are 3 types of them, “sole support astero”, “sole support stratios” and “sole support nestor”
  • upon seen, they don’t engage, instead they try to align and warp out of the system. Frigates warp out in 10 seconds after the player warps into the grid, cruisers in 15, and battleships in 20 secs. Warp disruptor keeps them from warping out.
  • if engaged, they fight back. However, they don’t apply any damage. Instead they apply heavy ewar with their drones (all but ECCM), and call all NPC in the grid to focus you at once.
  • the nature of their EWAR is random, as they apply it with their ewar drones, and the stack of drones is random. Killing one of drones, causes the other one to be launched at you.
  • these vessels are quite difficult to kill, as they have a lot of HP, however the regen is slow.
  • These ships have constant drop. Astero always drops 1 random skillbook and BPC for t2 astero (covops), stratios always drops 2 random skillboks and BPC for t2 stratios (recon), Nestor always drops 3 random skillbooks, and BPC for t2 nestor (Marauder). Skill books are totally random, and can be for anything, even for a titan.
  • t2 sisters ships will have following bonuses:
    • amarr bonuses – 4% armor resists per level.
    • gallente bonuses – 100% to drone hitpoints.
    • t2 ship bonuses (covops, recon and maradeur) – 100% bonus to energy neutralizing, sensor dampening, stasis webifiing, target painting and tracking disrupting drones.
    • fixed bonuses. 50% to scanner probe strength, +10 to virus strength, 50% to remote capacitor transfer bonus, 100% to capacitor transfer optimal range and falloff, +100% bonus to tractor beams range and velocity
    • NOTE. Drones bonuses (hp and strength) apply accordingly to shiptype (astero for small only drones, stratios for medium only, and nestor for large only)
  • t2 ships will have 25mb, 50mb, 125mb drone bandwith. With 100, 200 and 500 drone bays.
  • ships will have no damage bonuses, and the same slot layout as t1 counterparts. However they will have better sensors, resists and capacitor.
4. Dubious belt NPC and hacking module

(new non-OP PVP module and mechanic, new PVE unique and exciting)

  • besiege sites now also drop (3 versions) BPCs for hacking module.
  • hacking module can be used in PVP and PVE.
    • in PVP, it can be applied against over capsuleers (but capital ships, and marauders). And it works like a random hacking game (like relic and data site)
    • if activated, the module works for one minute, during which attackers ship gets 500% sig penalty, 50% speed and resists penalty, cannot be remote assisted and repped for one minute.
    • attacked player, can counter attack with the same mini game (they both play the same game, and the defender may activate viruses. Or he may not, the game by itself is already difficult.
    • player can be hack attacked only once every 5 minutes.
    • in case the attack is successful, one random module of the attacked player goes offline (can be onlined again)
    • in case the attack failed, the attackers ship burns down (like from overheating) 1 to 3 random modules.
    • the more CPU ship has, harder to break it.
    • module consumes 50 units of powergrid and 50 of CPU, so it is hard to fit on small ships.
  • In PVE hacking module can be used against new “Dubious” NPC
  • “Dubious” ships seem to appear in low sec and null sec belts of New Eden, they generally go accompanied by 2-5 ships of their faction. They are QUIT rare (rates of spawn as Mordus legions in low sec).
  • Every faction has it owns Dubious ships, test running in own space. Empire factions have Dubious frigates, cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships (eg. Matar dubious fleet hurricane, or amarr dubious navy slicer). While pirate faction have their dubious frigates, cruisers and battleships.
  • Dubios NPC fly capsuleers like ships, with the same stats. They can be fit scanned.
  • There is a pool of fits (all modules t2, rarely faction ones) of dubious ships. Every spawn has a random fitting out of the pool. (eg. You may encounter “dubious fleet scythe” fitted with autocannons and passive shield tank one day, and the next day the same “dubious fleet scythe” you fight will be missile fitted active armor tanked)
  • Once capsuleer warps in to the belt, Dubious ships intent to warp out. Is warp disrupted, they attack. Supported by their fleet.
  • Attack on Dubious NPCs lowers according standings.
  • Dubious NPC can be hacked, or killed. Killing it, drops bunch of tags and t2 modules (rarely faction ones).
  • Hacking it allows you to gain control over the ship and kill the crew. This case you leave floating in space, fitted ship with bunch of tags and corpses inside. Hacked ship MAY be boarded and transported into dock.
  • Hacking dubious ships is easier in PVE, but the penalties are the same to PVP.
  • While hacking down “dubios firetail” is easy, doing so alone against “dubious vindicator” is nearly impossible.
  • All hacked ships have unique “skins” with glowing elements (like rogue drones)
5. Pirate recovery and reprocess fabrics.

(exemplary and perfect risk/reward PVE, unique and much wanted citadel modules which would make you want to dock)

  • New complexes now may be scanned down in null sec (mostly in NPC space). Angel, Serpentis, Blood, Guristas and Sanshas recovery and reprocess installations.
  • warping in player finds one installation structure, and some NPCs defending it.
    • installation may be hacked infinite amounts of time.
    • every successful hack drops more and better loot into loot box.
    • Loot box may be looted only ONCE. All NPCs on grid must to be killed before looting. Once looted the site self destroys (everything starts exploding)
    • Unsuccessful hacking attempt destroys the loot box
    • Every hacking attempt spawns more and more NPCs (exponentially)
    • Each hacking attempt is harder and harder
    • Every 3rd hacking attempt ads to NPC spawns faction npc (first frigate, later crusier, later battle cruiser, and finally battleship class)
    • Loot table is quite big, and for every spawn attempt is different:
      1-3. Drops typical data site, +3% implants and faction frigate BPC
      4-6. Attempts may drop high level data sites loot, +5% implants, faction cruiser drop, and parts for “special pirate citadel module”
      7-9. May drop, low-grade pirate set implants, pirate battleship BPC and blueprints for “special pirate citadel module”
      10+. Drops all of the above, high-grade pirate set implants, and faction modules
  • “special pirate citadel module” is unique for each faction (“Blood ripping room”,”sansha operational commodity”,”serpentis bio lab”,”guristas reverse engineering garage” and “angel cartel structure deployment center”), and cannot be fitted on the citadels located in highsec and low sec space.
  • Where are 3 different variation of each module (basic, experimental, advanced). The higher the meta, more efficient each module is.
  • All factions modules, require according pirate faction scientists. They do collect fees from citadel owner for each operation. (basic module operator collects 5 mill, experimental 10mill, advanced 20 mill)
    • “Blood ripping facility”, is a facility in which players (in a minigame, little alike to data/relic hacking) may rip out implants out of corpses.
    • In rare cases it will be possible to rip out 100% of the implants, generally it will be around 25% in basic facilities, 37% in experimental, and 50% in advanced
    • In a mini game, alike relic/data hacking. A player will search for implants in corpse. And rip em out.
    • Only corpses killed before downtime maybe ripped, after DT it is too late. A player may not be sure whether corpses are good for ripping. Outdated corpses just will have no implants to extract.
    • Ripping the corpse destroys it.
    • Citadel owner, may set any commission for each operation.
    • ”Sansha operational commodity”, is a facility in which players (in a hacking minigame), may unplug implants out of themselves.
    • In rare cases it will be possible to rip out 100% of the implants, generally it will be around 30%/45%/70% (depending on the facility)
    • In a mini game, alike relic/data hacking. A player will search for implants in clone. And plug em out.
    • Unpluggin operation destroys clone.
    • ”Serpentis bio lab”, is a facility in which players extract boosters ever consumed by the clone. Same approach as in blood facility.
    • ”Guristas reverse engineering garage”, has a different approach the subject of extraction are fitted rigs.
    • The process of extraction is also a minigame.
    • In case of big fkup ship gets destroyed.
    • Does not work on capital riggs
    • “Angel cartel structure deployment center”, the same as guristas approach, but the extraction is for capital and citadel riggs.
6. Enlighten phenomena

(unique PVE profession, unique and entertaining PVP kamikadze mechanic)

  • unknown phenomen, which might be scanned down with combat probes in WH space (quit rare in regular WH space, more common in shattered one)
  • once scanned down, phenomen (big bunch of light, the size of supercapital) starts accelerating towards the sun. Gaining speeds of other 3000km/s within 5 mins. 10 mins after being scanned down, it disappears.
  • phenomena’s radiation has 10km range, and causes moderate AOE damage
  • it has been observed that phenomena has destabilizing effects on capacitor booster batteries.
  • if a ship, with capacitor booster batteries in cargo, is submitted to the phenomena’s radiation for over 150 seconds the batteries become unstable.
  • radiated unstable cap boosters can no longer be used as cap boosters. Due to their instability and radiation they can only be stored in battleship size hulls and bigger.
  • a ship with unstable cap boosters in cargo, if destroyed, explodes like a smartbomb with aoe damage range of 5 kms.
  • the AOE damage is 50% em and 50% thermal, and equals to 10% of GJ contained in boosters in cargo (eg: one cap booster 3200 in cargo causes 320 AOE damage)
7. Concord covert recon operations and “ghost” module

(another new PVE approach with rewards to attentive players, new PVP module giving life to new PVP moves)

  • Concord ships may be found in belts throughout the null sec space of new eden.
  • Concord ships are fitted with experimental covert ops module, and CANNOT be seen in overview, the only way to find em, is visually find and lock em. It migh not be easy, as they intent to hide in the shades of the asteroids. They are pretty common (as tags in lowsec), and easy to find.
  • Once they are locked, they intent to warp out. In case of being warp disrupted they give capsuleer a fight. They do warp disrupt and webbify. Concord ships have a strong active tank, with now buffer.
  • Attacking concord NPC notably drops players security status.
  • Concord covert recon ships drop tags (can be traded for standing at any pirate faction station) and have a small opportunity to drop new module called “ghost”
    • “Ghost module” makes ship invisible on overview for 30 seconds (max skills trained).
    • Can only be fitted on battleships and and battlecruisers hulls only.
    • Can be activated at any moment, including in warp and post jump cloak
    • Has 5 minutes cool down timer
    • Easy to fit
8. Concord account vessel.

(PVE-PVP bridge for null security space. Pushing people to PVP each over on many levels, making low security status so much more important)

  • Friendly NPC, present in every null sec system, can be found in belts or planets. Warps out if attacked and not tackled, if tackled, fights back. Attacking and destroying one damages security status.
  • Hard to kill, as it has massive hp buffer (but low regen rates). Can be healed with remote reps.
  • HP buffer of Concord account vessel is linked to systems secury status, the lower it is, the bigger the buffer is. (eg. Concord vessel in -0.1 system has 10 times less buffer regarding concord vessel in -1.0 space)
  • Once attacked it sends a message to the local chat of the system, sending his location information.
  • Killing one turns off system local chat for 30 mins (till the next one respawns)
  • Killing one cancels active concord bounty payouts (bounty server tick)
  • Killing one, drops concord strongbox crates, which can be exchanged for 50% of isk from cancelled bounties at pirate stations in nullsec
9. Bounty pool limits

(pushing people towards diversification of their ingame activity, and making every null security system valuable)

  • All characters and star systems in null security space in game now have limits of how much bounty they can recieve from concord.
  • These pools are limitations of how much ISK a capsuleer may receive from concord between DT, and are fixed to 100% (50% for alpha accounts) of average of market price of 500x plexes. Once a player uses the pull, he will stop receiving bounties from concord.
  • Star systems also have limitations of how much bounty isks players may farm in system per hour (100% of average market price for 500x plexes), once the limit is exceeded all bounties in the system will fall down to 50%. System’s isk pull information may be monitored via map.
10. Gravitational nebulas in null sec. anomalies

(making every null security system valuable, spreading people through out the space)

  • Due to heavy losses to capsuleers capital fleet, NPCs pirates are moving half of their bases (sanctums, dens, havens…) to the locations affected by gravitational nebulas.
  • Gravitational nebula does not allow for capital ships to lock on to exact coordinates. As a result: any warp or jump attempt to the location drops out ship on a random spot nearby.
  • Anomalies located at gravitational nebulas will not have capital NPC spawns
  • Anomalies located outside gravitational nebulas will have twice the amount of Capital spawns
  • Anomalies located at gravitational nebulas will not allow capital ships to warp or jump on. They will have special signature name, so that players could understand, where they cannot warp capitals.
11. Small things
  • long range polarized weapons (+25% damage, -100resists, -20% tracking, +20% optimal/falloff). (will not break any balance, the penalties are too strong, will make complicated sleeper cache sites worth running)
  • missile enhancers, guidance enhancers and remote guidance enhancers. Faction and pirate faction modifications. Remote guidance enhancers. All introduced into the game. (coz at some point CCP forgot, or got lazy)
  • failed hacking in relic and data sites will destroy BPCs loot. (will make every hack more important and will reward thinking, now it is just clicking)
  • for unknown reasons mayor amount of null-null wormholes spawns takes place over New Eden. (game needs movement)
  • new one way short life wormholes leading to nullsec, lowsec and high security space begin to appear. Only one way jump is possible
  • new skill, giving additional 5% per level to the bonus effects of module overloading (skills at micromanagement should be rewarded)
  • capital warp core stabilizers, +6 warp core strength (+7 for t2 version, +8 for faction, +10 for officer ones)
  • capital NPC can now be cargo scanned
  • now players may transport own jump clones in cargo bays between the stations and citadels
12. New ORE ships

(much wanted ships)

  • t2 bowhead.
    • 1.5 bill isk per hull
    • Same jumping ability as jump freighters.
  • t2 industrial frigate.
    • 25 million isk per hull
    • 8 000 max cargo space, with maxed skills and t2 fiting.
    • Bad agility, 1h-1m-5l slot layout.
13. Pirate faction rigs

(making data sites more profitable, making ship fitting more variable)

  • BPCs drop in pirates data sites
  • Failed hacking destroys blueprint
  • same bonuses as t2 riggs, but very low calibration points and 50% of penalty.
  • made out t1 salvage, so all the price is in BPC, quite rare.
14. Drones management bays

(much wanted module in PVP, much wanted module in PVE)

  • passive low slot module, acts as a bay to regenerate and repair drones
  • have penalty to cargo bay and ships mass
  • Drones can be loaded only from or to drone bay
  • Can be used as additional drone bay
  • Only one can be fitted to ship
  • There are 3 size modifications: small, medium and large
    • small one has capacity of 10m3, and requires a ship of at least 25m3 drone bay
    • medium one has capacity of 25m3, and requires a ship of at least 50m3 drone bay
    • large one has capacity of 50m3, and requires a ship of at least 125m3 drone bay
  • There are different types of modules (basic, experimental, advanced), BPCs drop from besiege sites in low sec.
15. Overheat radiators

(risk/reward skill module)

  • passive modules absorbing overheat from overloading of other modules. If other modules are overloading, this module absorbs their heat, receiving heat damage at more efficient rate.
  • only one can be fitted per ship
  • can be fitted to any slot (high, mid or low)
  • if module receives too much heat damage (and burns down), all modules in the rack burn down. In this case (burn down due to radiator overheat), none of the modules can be repaired at station. They are broken beyond repair.
  • overheat damage can be repaired by nanites repair paste (like a regular module)
16. Factional Compatibly

(thinking twice, makes a lot of sense, pushes people to new fittings)

  • new skill. providing bonuses to faction modules fitted to according faction ship.
  • now, factional modules, fitted to the ship of according faction, can be 5% more powerful, and require 5% less fitting. (example. Domination 500mn MWD gets 5% bonus to its strength and 5% discount on fitting while fitted on machariel, or, as well as republic fleet 500mn MWD while fitted on tempest)
  • skill books may be dropped by concord NPCs in belts.
17. Deepspace sonar.

(not only ratters abuse afk gameplay, afk hunting should be a little more challenging)

  • Citadel deepspace sonar is citadel module which can only be fitted to fortizars and keepstars anchored in own sov space.
  • Sonar maybe activated once every hour, and its activation requires sleepers blue loot.
  • Once sonar is activated, all ships with cloaks activated during the module activation have 6 minutes to complete a mini game. Otherwise, they will all be moved to a random system within x light years)
  • transported ships appear in random systems at a random spot, with cloak activated.
18. Keepstar cynofield beacon.
  • Keepstar module, allowing capital ships to jump to citadels docking range.
  • A player, in order to jump to the citadel must.
    • have the citadels commission prepaid
    • have blue sleepers data loot at special hangar in citadel, it is used as fuel.
19. Citadel space monitor

(in the memory of hundreds of lost wormholes and thousands of scanning alts)

  • can be fitted on any non industrial citadel.
  • each activation consumes sleepers blue data loot (each activation is about 100mill isk). Can be activated remotely via corporation menu.
  • once activated, informs about cosmic signatures within the system. But does not provide exact coordinates.
  • In case wormhole signature is detected, citadel informs about the connecting system it leads too.
20. Cynofield distortion module.

(fights toxic no brain mechanic, in the end, if you are dropping capitals or BO in PVP you should put some skill and thought into it)

  • High slot module which confuses coordinates of the cynofield, ships jumping on the field while it is being distorted appear at random spots in the system
  • Does not work against recons and capital ships
  • Duration 1 minute, during which ship cannot warp out. Requires plenty much of capacitor, so most frigates could not use it.
  • BPCs drop from data sites and concord belt NPCs
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21. Pirate faction siege and bastion modules.

(rare modules, incentive for new PVE professions)

  • siege faction BPCs may be acquired the same way is in “drone extraction”, by hacking faction pirate capital dreadnoughts. (Or hopping for loot fairy while killing capital faction NPC)
  • faction bastion modules, may be acquired from pirate NPC mining operations defense fleets (really rare)
  • each faction has own bonuses:
    • domination bastion and siege modules have 50% shorter cycles
    • dark blood bastion and siege modules have 35% immunity to energy neuts bonus.
    • dread bastion and siege modules have 25% bonus to kinetic missiles explosion radius.
    • true sansha bastion and siege modules have 25% tracking bonus
    • Shadow serpentis bastion and siege modules have 25% shield boosters and armors reppers cycle bonus.
22. Berserker class ships

( Unique ships, with unique approach, unique price, creating unique gameplay and players interaction. They are complicated, they are meant to be complicated. They are meant to be unpredictable, and they are meant for PVP only. Besides, they make much forgotten pirate agents valuable again)

  • Angel, Serpentis, Sansha, Blood, Guristas and Mordu factions.
  • Hulls are LOCKED to specific chars, the ones who purchase them from NPCs.
  • Hulls are given out for completing 30 level4 missions in a row (without skipping and failing) for an agent. ONCE player completes 30 missions in a row he receives a hull designated just for him (only he can board it)
    • ship is not complete till it is assembled
    • it cannot be assembled without at least 1 faction subsystem.
    • maximum 5 faction systems may be fitted
    • any ship may be fitted with any faction subsystem
    • no ship maybe be applied by 2 equal subsystems
    • once subsystem is applied, it can produce ONE of two faction bonuses, or produce ONE of two faction penalties, or have no effect at all. The possibilities are 25% for each outcome are the same.
    • ONCE ship is boarded by capsuleer – it may not be left without destroying it and capsule
    • faction subsystems BPCs may drop from overseer boxes, or may from “pirate recovery and reprocess fabrics”. (part 2, number 6).
    • faction subsystems BPCs may be only produced at according pirate faction station
  • Fixed bonuses and penalties.
    • Ship can be boarded only once.
    • A player flying berserker ship cannot be in fleet
    • A player flying berserker ship cannot receive any remote reps, or assistance
    • player flying in berserker ship does not get bounties from CONCORD
    • Ship has 5 rig slots
    • Ship receives no resist penalties from polarized weapons
  • There are 6 faction subsystems, only 5 can be fitted at the same tyme, all have 2 different bonuses (of which only one random will be applied to the ship)
    • Angel berserker subsystem
      • bonus option one: -50% to the ships signature radius
      • bonus option two: +50% to warp speed and acceleration
      • possible penalty one: +25% signature
      • possible penalty two: +25% warp speed
    • Serpentis berserker subsystem
      • bonus option one: 50% bonus to stasis effect resistance
      • bonus option two: +50% to the power of all boosters
      • possible penalty one: -25% speed bonus
      • possible penalty two: +25% booster penalty possibility and strength
    • Blood berserker subsystem
      • bonus option one: 50% to energy neutralizers resistance
      • bonus option two: +50% to the power of all fitted implants
      • possible penalty one: -25% ships powergrid penalty
      • possible penalty two: -25% to the power of fitted implants
    • Sansha berserker subsystem
      • bonus option one: - 50% to mass addition by propulsion modules
      • bonus option two: 50% bonus to overloading modules
      • possible penalty one: +25% capacitor consumption by propultion modules
      • possible penalty two: +25% to overheating damage
    • Guristas berserker subsystem
      • bonus option one: +25 drone cargo bay and drone bandwidth, 250% bonus to power of warp stasis, target painting, energy neutralizing, tracking disrupting and sensor dampening drones.
      • bonus option two: +50% to remote sensor jammers, dampeners and tracking disruption impedance
      • possible penalty one: -25% to ship resists
      • possible penalty two: -25% CPU
    • Mordus berserker subsystem
      • bonus option one: +25% to the power of all fitted rigs and +25% to ships rigs calibration points
      • bonus option two: -50% penalties from warp core stabilizers, cloaking modules penalties, -50% reactivation and recalibration times on cloaking devices.
      • possible penalty one: -25% to ships hitpoints
      • possible penalty two: 25% penalty sensors strength and 25% penalty to ships maximum targeting range and scan resolution
  • Faction compatibility skill, lowers penalty strength and penalty possibility by 1% per level (max skilled lowers penalties strength and possibility from 25% to 20%)
  • All berserker ships have same stats as their base models (tornado, naga, oracle, talos). BUT, may fit 5 riggs, may fit 5 faction subsystems, have more slots and have faction bonuses
  • Twister (angel cartel tornado): +50% warp speed, +1 mid slot, +1 low slot
  • Talon (serpentis talos): +50% stasis web. effectiveness, +1mid slot, +1 low slot
  • Seer (blood raider oracle): +100% web range, 50% bonus to energy nosf and neuts amount, +1 mid slot, +1 low slot
  • Mentor (sansha oracle): +100% afterburner speed, 10% tracking speed bonus, +2 mid slots
  • Cobra (guristas naga): +50mb drone bandwith, +50m3 drone bay, +50% to drones damage and 250% to drones hitpoints, +1 low slot, +1 mid slot, -2 turret slots
  • Hector (mordus naga): (+7 missile launcher points, bonused fitting to torpedo launcher, +5%/level to missiles damage, +20% to missiles flight speed), +50% bonus warp disruption and warp scram range, +2 low slots.

These ships are still glass canons, but now they are expensive jump cannons.

22. Mobile client

(I want to fit my rifter from android, while I am in metro)

  • players can now login to eve online from mobile devices (only to stations)
  • mobile eve online client allows players to join chats, manage assets and industry, fit ships and buy/sell staff via market or contracts.
23. Sansha incursions payouts changes

(adding some more concord LP items will balance high sec. And null security incursions are nearly dead content right from the start)

  • players now receive 25% smaller isk payouts for highsec sansha incurtions
  • in return, players receive 40% bigger isk payout for nullsec sansha incurtions
24. PVP arena in FW space

(giving it a thought - will attract vast numbers of old players and new audiences. Nowdays 50% of AT participants are people who just log for AT, giving more tournaments wont hurt sandbox a bit, specially if they are linked)

  • New agents missions in FW space. An agent gives capsuleer a mission, to kill another capsuleer in nebula, once accepted, the player is bridged to the nebula, where he confronts other player with the same mission.
  • Nebula effects don’t allow players to warp out, or to pull out to far from the beacon
  • Once fight is over, the beacon transports a player back to the station.
  • Nebula is the new arena.
    • it is located in unknown location and system
    • beacon in the center compensates nebulas heavy radiation
    • sometimes beacon in the center cannot bridge in some kind of ships.
    • sometimes nebula’s effect cancels out boosters and implants effects
    • sometimes a few ships may be bridged to the beacon
    • players select distance to be bridged to the beacon
    • players cannot know who would be their opposing player, and flying which ship. They will only know the amount of opponents, and nebulas and beacons limitations. (sometimes limitations could be “rifter hull only”)
25. New empire faction battleships

(new ships which would not affect meta much and totally make sense to exist, unique and fun gameplay)

  • designated support ship class, with special bonuses and limitations
    • cannot fit stasis webifiing, warp scrambling and disruption modules
    • 50% bonus to turret tracking and optimal range
    • 50kms lockrange, 250mm scan resolution
    • NO drone bays.
    • NO host ship penalties from target spectrum breaker
  • abaddon nave issue (8h, 4m, 8l)
    • 20% bonus to small pulse turret ROF per level per level
    • 20% bonus to energy turret activation cost per level
    • 4% bonus to armor resists per level
  • rokh navy issuer (8h, 8m, 4l)
    • 20% bonus to small hybrid turret ROF per level
    • 20% bonus to small hybrid turret activation cost per level
    • 4% bonus to shield resists per level
  • maelstrom fleet issue (8h, 7m, 5l)
    • 20% bonus to small autocannons ROF per level
    • 20% bonus to small autocannons falloff per level
    • 7.5% shield boost amount per level
  • hyperion navy issue (8h, 5m, 7l)
    • 20% bonus to small blasters ROF per level
    • 20% bonus to small blasters falloff per level
    • 7.5% armor repair amount per level

More to come, will appreciate structured feedback

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My structured feedback: how can we sensibly discuss so many varied ideas in a single scrolly forum format? Split your ideas into separate threads.

But then CCP will ban him for “spamming”. :roll_eyes:

So you want Incarna 2.0. Big patches, lots of content, tons of new stuff. Tons of time, money, energy sunk into making tons of new textures and other resources for all the new content.

Yep, you’re wrong about the following point:

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Shush!!! That is the idea, don’t jinx it.

i think the “requires no hard work” holds the meaning of “do this, whenever you guys feel like it.” since he says the release date of his idea comes in “never”

aside from that the ideas in this thread either echo some other wanted features and overall don’t seem to be too ridiculous, without thinking too hard on each.

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