Apparel General Thread

Oof that suit on CCP Paradox… Very sleek. Want.

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Seems to be a Women’s ‘Rocket’ Dress variant, as usual.


and emoting so fluently … wtf


Nice, I don’t think that item will ever become available.

Reason I say that is because there’s lot’s of items listed in the Database that haven’t been released.

Items exposed to ads or lore contents would be released at the end of the day imo. :pleading_face:
Well let’s see how it goes.

I’ve thought the half of women’s ‘Sterling’ Blouse series were never released in the game.

However I happened to find someone wears one of them - Green Satin.

Probably the rest variants may have released once in the TQ ?
Let me know if anyone know.

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I’m loving how my character turned out. Very oppulent, sophisticated and oh so Amarrian :money_mouth_face: :pray:
Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 6.14.31 pm

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Nice find…

Makes sense that most of the older items in the database were available back then since there wasn’t as many as there is now.

CCP should cycle the Apparel database list through the NES every 3 months or so, then players could acquire those older items.

They may be so old since no result in google. Or they could be something a exclusive item for contests etc ?
CCP sometimes give ingame awards for external contents. For example, there are storm bear skins for Sleipnirs, Tengus and Gilas. They were given to the winners of lore contest held in VK ( russians social community ). There were no official release about those items in the though, they for sure exists. ( I have all of them )

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