Apparel General Thread

I’m a bit mixed feelings as seeing those Hephaestus stuffs returns to the NES. It took billions of ISK for me to coordinate Hephaestus series for the past few years after they left the store. :unamused:
Well I hope your collection get completed soon :neutral_face:

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I think those items will be available at least within 2 or 3 months, expecting within this year hopefully.
They have been existing in the game as placeholders, and now they got their name : apparently a preparation for the implementation in near future.

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they’re in the game, right now

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Wut ? How ? :thinking:
( Edit )
Okay I got its build has arrived to TQ already few days ago.
But how did you get it ?

The market

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k thx …
well, hmm. Probably coming from ongoing events ? no idea.

Yes, the new white and red suits come from the event.

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Thank you Gerard !
Need to run event sites for the first time in the years …

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Or just buy them. :yum:

No idea how rare these are or how hard the sites are, haven’t tried them yet.

I’ve been running the hacking sites and haven’t gotten any Apparel items from that so if they are in the event, must be from the combat or mining sites.

No … I’m really in short of cash recently for some reasons … :pensive:
And I am interested in those skins given as rewards for the event either. And they are not obtainable through markets. Thereby going to run them.
To be honest I absolutely dislike the idea like rewarding items for participants as non-transferable forms. It’s apparent they are trying to force players to take part in events for this way. But this approach makes eve more commonplace RPG MMO.
Well, anyway I’ll probably run sites in the next week and will let you know how hard they are ! ( fortunately events goes on at least within this year )

Thank you for the intel DMC.
I’ll try combats then. Mining ? huh, no.

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I don’t know if those apparel items are dropping in the sites.

If anything they might be in the mining corps LP store… or maybe CCP seeded them in Null sec sites.

No LP’s from the event mining sites so those new Apparel items are strictly event drops.

One of the people who sold me one of the jackets confirmed it came from the Winter Nexus Data Site, FWIW, though I didn’t ask which area of space…

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Brilliant, thanks for confirming.
Will try sites in the all security areas.

I’m currently 2/3rds of the way through the event points spread with 610 Agency points, almost all of which were gained from running the event High Sec Data sites, so far I haven’t had any Apparel items drop.

Good to know. I’ve ran a dozen, maybe two, of the data sites in lowsec & nullsec with no apparel items. Likewise with many hours of mining in all areas of space.

Yeah, I got 900 Agency points basically doing mostly high sec Hacking sites, no Apparel items dropped. Started doing the high sec Mining sites, players get Loot boxes when 7 blocks of Ice is transferred to the NPC Orca. I’m now up to 1030 Agency points, have received 6 Loot boxes so far and still no Apparel items dropped. Compared to the mining sites, the loot drops from the Hacking sites is a lot more. Will try out the high sec combat sites next.

I’m thinking the Apparel items only drop in Null Sec space.

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I don’t really anticipate them dropping in highsec at all, to be honest. They’ve been making the lowsec sites the most lucrative for a while now, so that’s what I’ve been running mostly, myself. No apparel items yet :frowning:

The hacking loot seems to be better ISK on average, BUT the mining sites in lowsec/nullsec seem to have a chance at better loots than the hacking sites, such as Faction Modules - I made about 150m in one of my runs, quite a bit more than most other runs. Just my impressions, anyway.

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I had some Faction loot drop from the high sec hacking sites.