Applying RW rules to FW

today Resource Wars hit the servers and it is great… eve often is to complecated or to difcult to understand but RW is very stream lined and provides a great low entry coop pve play style.
i used to play FW but i was often either killed by very expirience pilots flying in factions ships or my enemy fly`s away in a warpstabt fit… this has been a problem for FW for a while. when i tryed RW today i liked it a lot and i think its highly restricted warp gate(lv1 only 3 players/ only faction frigates etc.) could work wonders for FW. if you cant fly a enmy ship type(caldari frigate in gallanty navy etc.) would make a lot of lore sence and make switching sides(what most warpstab farmers often do) less attractive. limiting the number of ships per faction in the gate would realy encourag grouping up in smal teams(like 3 frigates for the smallest site).
i feel like RW is a new player friendly way to coop PVE and i thing that FW should be a new player friendly way to coop PVP so maybe some of the same ideas and disigns sould apply. if this idea of mine doesnt work atleast exspand the current RW system in someway to some lowsec systems…

i have dyslexie, sorry for any typos or grammmar mistakes… dear CCP i am enjoying RW more then i thought i would, keep up the great work.


Please no. I still do FW and this will just get in the way of players. Not only are you restricting fleet size but you’re also dictating what ships they take?

This will only hurt new players. They will be forced to match more experienced and better equipped players 1 for 1. And if youre a gal alpha, you can’t play in minmatar/amarr FW. Thats just BS.

Dont get in the way of players.

You had the time and foresight to apologise for poor spelling, but not the time or the foresight to use your browser’s spellcheck. I’m not buying it.

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I don’t think adding restrictions is going to help FW. You can definitely limit what size of ships you’ll engage by hiding in small outposts, but I think it’s nuts to ever dictate the amount and types of ships you can use for any activity.

spellcheck frequently changes my words to word i did not intend to use… its by know means fool proof.

okee you do have a good point. but maybe they could expand the current RW system to to low sec. maybe have to team basicly mining agains each other… FW does have its space but it is way less streamlined than RW… and this game does need a more lowentry way to PVP

really all that really needs to be done at minimum is disallow non FW members from entering complexes.

Neutrals entering plexes annoy me, but I wouldn’t want them to be blocked, What i would like is that once they take the gate, they get a suspect timer.

I can deal with war target blobs or the over the top ships blowing me up because its all part of the process, but when neutrals get into a plex and take their merry little time to look at the type of guns i am using and choose if they want to battle or not and they can get into optimal range/position if they decide to start engaging. At this point I am at a disadvantage because I cant do anything besides lock them and try to keep my range wait for them to engage me. The way i see it, if a Neutral enters a FW plex, they should get a suspect timer because they have no reason to enter. I have a ton of other ideas but this isn’t the thread for that.

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I don’t understand your disadvantage. I don’t mind neutrals going suspect on entry of a site, but what can a neutral do to you that you can’t do to them?

That really depends what you mean by ‘expand’. But what it sounds like is you want arena’s, which is what EVE is not.

The RW sites that limit player numbers are a very new concept to EVE and a controversial one at that. There’s a lot of reasons it can go wrong, which is somewhat mitigated by it being just for PvE, and seemingly not very well paid PvE at that.

You take that concept and put it in a PvP environment and you will get a shitstorm.

this would kill pvp in fw
any multiboxer could just lock out a plex and farm lp without risk
and besides some of the best fights when you get multiple gangs on a plex
one little astero can lead to 30 man fight

is that all you can add
why even bother posting in this thread

I’m dyslexic. I struggle to read certain fonts, and type out of sync with my thinking. It only shows when I’m stressed/hurried though - because I know that I can be a crap communicator and that I need to make extra effort so others actually understand me.

OP put no effort in, and demands that everyone caters to them. That makes me look bad. If OP was an ESL speaker, or even writing on a phone, I would have given them a pass.

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well this isnt a thread about dyslexia so please stay on topic
i had no problem reading the ops post and most people are patient enough to deal with dyslexic posters
especially when they ask for patience beforehand
youre not helping anyone by berating people who struggle with it

The disadvantage is the sec status hit if he shoots first

The neutral also loses sec status if he shoots first. That’s not a disadvantage. It’s a perfectly level playing field.

If a fw player doesn’t want to shoot first because of that its self imposed.

you might not care about sec status, I do so its not a perfectly level playing field.

I play FW to shoot pirates and WT not turn into a dirty cop :stuck_out_tongue:

Precisely it’s your choice, not a disadvantage.

Ok sir.

so… ppl are mad because they cant use their 100M fits to kill more unexperienced / low SP players!? :smiley:

true, why should a player that dont want to choose a side to fight for even be allowed to enter a plex?