Arbora Nova and Vanguard Syndicate are recruiting

Arbora NoVA and Vanguard Syndicate are recruiting

Arbora Nova is a null-sec corporation focused on industry and pvp. Part of a small but strongly loyal alliance The Vanguard Syndicate. Getting back on our feet and re-organizing our ranks we are looking for same minded easy going individuals that want to have fun and play the game.

What we offer:



  • DAILY FLEETS (PVE/PVP, small gank, fleet fights, CTAs of course)
  • NULLSEC MARKETS (Of our Coaltion and our local spawn market)
  • SRP (Ship Replacement Program, as long as you participate)
  • MINEABLE MOONS (r64, r32 are alliance reserved, all below are free for the taking)
  • TRAINING FLEETS (Where you will die horribly)
  • VERY SOCIAL (We have made lifelong friendships from EvE, why not?)

What we ask from you are the following:

  • Some degree of English
  • Able to socialize to grow stronger together as a community
  • Discord and Mumble accounts
  • The Microphone is a requirement, not a suggestion.

At the same time, we look towards hosting smaller corporations that are looking to make their footprint at Null-Sec.
We are organized, we know how to run things and most of all we are respected at what we do.
If you are bored of the High Sec drama, the ganking and you are looking for a more challenging gameplay, feel free to contact us.

Feel free to contact us at our discord server, and get to know us first hand!!!

Our Discord Server

Honor and Serve

Arbora Nova is recruiting

The Vanguard Syndicate is recruiting

Arbora Nova…

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