Arbora Nova -- NEW HOME

Arbora Nova is recruiting new and experienced players looking for a tight group of friends that
help eachother, play the game the way they want to without taking it too seriously. We are a member
of Reckless Contingency, inhabiting drones and Angel Cartel space, offering regular alliance and coaltion fleet operations, SRP, logistics and IT services.

We accept alpha, omega, newbros and veterans.

We offer:

  • buyback programs for Ore, PI, Loot and salvage
  • corporation mining ops
  • regular corporation level projects to participate if you wish
  • industrial facilities
  • new bro training and mentorship
  • small group PvP
  • ratting in drone and Angel Cartel space

Arbora Nova’s goal is to help you make isk and have fun doing it.

If you are the representative of a corporation looking for a place in nullsec to make your home
without the politics, we also offer RENTAL agreements in space with established intel chanels,
structures and facilities, and some IT services that will be made available to your corporation.

If you are interested in applying as a player or corproation, please reach out to us in our Discord Link and in our in game Channel {ABNA.} Recruit`

Newbros may fill out this application form here:
New Bro Submission Form

Honor and Serve


We are accepting people at Null Sec!!!


Either you are a new or a returning player, you can fit in our family

We are accepting newbros and vets who want a good group to hang around.


  1. Rental policy for corporations who want to live away from politics. Good rental fees and an organized community to welcome new rental entities into their New Home.

Feel free to dm me for any further information

Honor and Serve

up… Renter recruitment for Angel Space is OPEN



Renter functions are enabled

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