[ARC] 48 hours after initial exploration, what we know of the Abyss

Pilots, we’re now on day two since the first discovery of Abyssal Filaments out in the wider New Eden cluster, and it has been a chaotic time these past two days, as i’m sure you’re all no doubt aware.

ARC has been busy as well, not only in obtaining copies of the various filaments for lab study, but also in gathering various new materials from the Abyss, and gathering an ever increasing amount of data from this new area of space.

Now what we at ARC can confirm from multiple reports is that these filaments have appeared across the whole of New Eden and Anoikis in various data sites, of both Pirate and Sleeper origin, though exactly how these filaments have appeared so quickly and spread so rapidly is a question of high priority at ARC, with several threads of investigation currently ongoing.

These Filaments, when utilized with a cruiser class warp core, pull the activating ship into what is essentially a “pocket” of a new type of subspace, in which are found various environmental effects which in turn have various effects on the ships inside the pocket. These effects vary in strength and nature depending on how “calm” the pocket the ship is in, the more energetic the space, the more pronounced the environmental effects.

Effect List:
Electrical Storm: Increased capacitor recharge, lowered EM resistance
Exotic Particle Storm: Scan resolution bonus, lowered kinetic resistance
Plasma Firestorm: increase of raw armor effectiveness, lowered thermal resistance
Gamma-ray afterglow: increase of raw shield effectiveness. lowered explosive resistance
Dark matter field: increase to ship max velocity, penalty to turret falloff and optimal ranges

These “pockets” of subspace are further subdivided into three different “rooms”, which consist of a sphere of “stable” abyssal subspace, that a ship utilizing an abyssal filament can operate somewhat freely in, however these rooms are finite in size, and once the outer most edge of the area is passed, any vessel not equipped to deal with more hazardous effects of the non-stable space outside these rooms will begin to be torn apart by tidal forces.

The rooms always contain two structures, one being a triglavian transport gate, the other is a bio-adaptive cache, these two are always present no matter the environmental effect, or level of “calm” the subspace is. The triglavian transport gate will lead to one of two places, either deeper into the subspace pocket, or back out to known space, though the gate that leads out is marked as an “origin” gate as opposed to a transfer gate. A bio-adaptive cache is always present in each “room”, these caches are unique for two major reasons, number one is the items normally found within, and number two, they are the only “things” thus far to leave salvageable wrecks in this subspace environment.

The items found inside these caches vary wildly this is a short list of what has been recovered thus far:
Zero Point Condensate (ZPC)
Intact Triglavian weapon systems
Blueprints for triglavian weapons, ships, and ammunition
Triglavian/Abyssal survey data
Additional abyssal filaments that lead to more energetic space
Mutaplasmid colonies of various types and stability
Triglavian bio-adaptive survival suits (Exceptionally rare)

ARC is in possession of most of these items, and is studying them currently, expect a secondary release later on with more advanced information. As of time of writing, ARC has completed the construction of a complete set of Triglavian vessels from the frigate all the way to the battleship, testing is ongoing at this time.

In addition to these items and the transfer gates, reports have poured in of various entities within these subspace pockets, not only other ships, but functional examples of triglavian engineering outside of the transfer gates.

Notably these examples take the form of various “towers” located within the various “rooms”, the towers range in size, and effect. Currently known information can be summarized as thus.

Towers come in three variants:
Long range
Medium range
Short range.

The known effects are thus:
“Deviant Automata Suppressor”- Attempts to destroy all rogue drone frigates, standard missiles, and capsuleer drones in range of the tower.

“MultiBody Tracking Pylon”- Provides a boost to the tracking speed of all turrets inside the tower’s range, does not effect missiles.

“Automata Command Pylon”- Will increase the effectiveness of rogue drones inside the tower’s range, while at the same time decreasing the effectiveness of capsuleer drones.

Aside from the towers, various “clouds” can be found inside these rooms we well, which have strong localized effects on vessels inside of them.

Bioluminesence Cloud- Light blue coloration, increases the signature radius of any vessel inside by a factor of 4

Filament Cloud- Orange coloration, increases the capacitor usage of shield boosters, and charge usage of ancillary shield boosters.

This concludes the various structures/effects we’ve seen thus far. Now we move onto the various groups/entities that have been documented.

As of time of writing four different groups of entities have been observed in Abyssal subspace, these groups include Rogue Drones, Sleepers, Drifter Forces, and the Triglavian Collective.

As of time of writing all listed forces have shown the capability of deploying vessels ranging from Frigates all the way to battleships, with the rouge drones fielding various damage types across multiple models of drone.

Drifter forces have deployed mostly drifter battleships, however they have thus far proven unable to utilize their now infamous “doomsday” weapon.

Sleeper forces present make use of known sleeper tactics and technology, while the Triglavians make use of new weapon systems unlike anything seen in either New Eden or Anoikis.

It’s been noted by explorers that it’s possible to run into a mix a various groups inside of pockets, but never in the same room, except in instances of rogue drones and triglavians and drifters and sleepers in the same room, current reports however do not show these “mixed” encounters to be hostile to anything but capsuleers.

Additional data/information will be posted as it cleared for release.


Cooperation is a beautiful thing. Though there are many things we disagree about, I must say working with ARC is a point of pride for me.

Thank you, Oliver, for sharing this.


So, since this seems to be the continuation thread for what we’ve learned…

So: I haven’t had any problems with the towers and my drones. I’m using a Gila and Tech II medium drones, in pockets from Calm to Chaotic, primarily Exotic and Firestorm.

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Gurista modifications to drones, specifically shielding for Medium Scout Drones, does wonders against the limited output of the Deviant Automata Suppressor. Compared to unmodified say Acolytes from my Sacrilege. Those do not fare as well. So yes you should be safe using those.

I’ve found the Deviant Automata Suppressor also fire on missiles. But I’ve yet to notice a problem with the missiles reaching their targets through the field of fire.


And there what I was going to say to you about my encounter:

  • Me: cynabal, minmatar sentry.
  • the environment: small range deviant automata suppressor, first room in calm plasma firestorm ( “FPBGG”, second time there)
  • adversary: rogues drones

I deployed my sentry without thinking inside it’s range.
and lost them minutes laters.

EDIT:: I tried to communicate with the rogues drones by talking in local in binary, to no avail.

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Ah, sentries would have trouble, yes. Given the lack of movement, I don’t think they’re a good idea in general. They’d make you need to move pretty quick to get out in time, especially in deeper dives.

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I actually work pretty well when deployed near the gate, with the minmatar’s one, they have a low optimal range. Combined with bioluminescence cloud it do wonders.
But it was mainly for test, I’m currently in the test to see what scanners works

So far,

  • salvagers works only on the wreck of the cache.
  • entosis link does not work.
  • cargo scanners do not return data.
  • data and relic analysers do not works either.
  • probes are destroyed as soon as they warp off, need to try to find a way to scan inside the “stable” field

I think, if you’re going to use a cynabal, you’re better off with a flight of mediums.

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This matches all of our prior testing, yes. It’s not uncommon, to be frank. Most equipment Capsuleer ships use for breaking or analysis work is specialized past the point of general utility.


O ARC! How the Wrath of the Amarr God does Wax so very large against you. You have entered one of the last undefiled places in all of God’s Creation, and you have desecrated it. Desecrated with your Minmatarness.

There is only one possibility for you. The Abyss must be cleansed. Cleansed in the Blood of Slaves. You must do this, and you must do this without your Achuran and Minmatar pilots, who must be grounded (or sacrificed) and never again allowed into the Abyss.



So-- a few notes on survival.

The obscuring effect of dark matter fields seems to force a lot of hostile craft that would otherwise be standing off outside webifier range to come in close, making them easy to catch without much maneuvering. This, plus the fact that their tracking speed doesn’t seem to adjust to the closer “optimal” range and wider array of tactical options available to a fast ship, makes the environment ideal for afterburner-equipped missile cruisers. Ducking into a bioluminescent cloud is particularly effective for efficiently killing frigate-scale craft.

Ancillary shield boosters have a serious reliability problem, particularly since keeping them running when they’re out of charges is basically impossible. Ships depending on them suffer badly under heavy neuting, where a ship running a more standard active shield tank (or an armor tank, ancillary or not) and an actual capacitor booster system can keep related systems running-- if not without stress, then probably at least well enough to keep the lights on, so to speak. At least most of the time. A HAC’s assault damage control unit can really help get through scary moments, but it, also, requires capacitor, so it needs to be activated while there’s still some available.

The largest and most dangerous ships to be found in the Abyss seem to have been involved in heavy fighting, as they’re usually damaged. This doesn’t necessarily last; repair-dedicated support craft and in some cases other large ships can and will repair them. Triglavian Leshaks, at least the Striking variant, in particular, seem to cross-rep. Considering how dangerous sustained fire from their weapons can become, multiples should probably be considered high-priority targets. It’s not yet clear why repairs aren’t completed before we arrive, or why we haven’t been seeing combat in progress against anyone but us.

The glaring exception to the usual rule that battleship-scale targets will be at only partial strength is the drone overminds, which (possibly because they delegate combat tasks to sub-sentient drones?) so far universally appear intact and unhurt. It might be necessary to take them seriously, not only as a gun platform (and they do hit pretty hard), but more dangerously as a time sink. If a pilot is forced to chase such a ship without being able to engage at full firepower, the time wasted can become a critical problem-- not only in the pursuit and the process of killing the overmind, but of returning to the cache and gate when done.

Pilots flying Caldari-designed HACs should maybe be wary of gamma ray afterglow. The promise of increased shields is alluring, but neither the Eagle nor the Cerberus is designed to make proper use of explosives. What’s more, the boosted heat dispersion and kinetic resistance of these HACs leaves explosive damage as typically the second-lowest resistance category, after EM, which potentially just means that the expanded shields just gives your booster marginally more territory to claw for (and you more time to watch in growing alarm) as it gets hammered in a weak spot.


So-- more general thoughts. The Abyss seems to become sharply deadlier if there’s a gap in your fitting somewhere that a particular group of enemies might exploit. It really does seem to be a “plan for everything” situation.

Also, I kind of hate to admit it, but, high-end kit, plus combat boosters in the cargo hold for emergencies, helps immensely. Probably why there’s been such a run on most of the better cruiser fittings. Considering the decreasing supply and increasing prices, I guess there’s some attrition regardless.

I actually left a little incense out yesterday morning to thank the spirits for letting me survive a close call. It looks like those might not stop coming. At this rate I might become a more conventionally religious person.

(And I did lose a ship yesterday; maybe I should try a different kind of incense. Or maybe never dive with an ancillary shield booster again.)

Anyway, it might get kind of hard to replace losses until industrial output catches up with demand, pilots, so … fly well.


The reason for the current cruiser shortage, summarized. I guess CONCORD is keeping track.

Vigilant Tyrannos Killboard


An interesting aside. While this symbol is very close to a ‘t,’ the dots are new. It’s present on the Triglavian gate infrastructure.


Rampant conjecture:

It’s their symbol for a transit gate. A ‘T’ (for ‘Transit’) with the 3 singularities of the gate structure (in the positions they occupy within the opened gate, more or less).

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Has anyone tried constructing a rudimentary sentence structure from the symbols found on the gates?

Have any symbols been found on the Biosphere?

The fact is that Abyssal Space are located within their own solar systems, which is readily apparent from the sun seen in the background. They are not located in a space between space at the Quantum level but are part of the Relativity level of energetic interactions.

If a sun is present then the immense gravitational field around each site might be a type of containment field meant to keep the Triglavian confined to a central location, a prison if you will.
An advanced species would never keep itself confined to a small distribution of asteroids given its superior technological advancements.

If Abyssal Space is a prison, who imprisoned the Triglavian there, and why?

I would also have to think that if the Triglavian wanted to talk, they wouldn’t come full tilt on, disruptors blazing. An advanced species never encountering Capsuleers before would not instinctively assert themselves in an aggressive manner. Their history would have already have determined that taking such an adversarial stance from the beginning would lead to a much larger conflict as a whole.

So…why are you ARC people entering this Abyss at all? You’re invading, pure and simple.

Invasion, of course, would be perfectly justified if you were Reclaiming the Abyss for the Amarr Empire, but the Amarrians among you are the wayward liberal type who don’t believe in Reclaiming, even though they do believe in unprovoked invasion apparently.

This symbol also appears on the hull of Triglavian vessels


Could it be that’s the symbol for “troika” ?


Built from the triglavians own materials and blueprints the ships are readily capsuleer compatible further more the concord operative to steal the first vedmak was also a capsuleer and that ship had been built in triglavian facilities.

Most than likely they are ancient capsuleers perhaps remnants of a faction of the old 2nd jove empire or even first empire.This also fits perfectly with the drifter conflict,this same conflict may have done much to break apart the old jove empires.

They could also be talocan or talocan descendants or just another group that adapted talocan tech a very long time ago for their use.

As for aggression look around capsuleer are fiercely territorial why should this be different for triglavians

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