[ARC] Vigilant Tyrannos cruiser identified, Observatories further damaged

The harvesting of Jove Observatories by Vigilant Tyrannos forces has lead to advanced degradation of the structures across New Eden. During ARC inspection of the sites, there was no immediately obvious change in Drifter or Autothysian Lancer activity. Four Lancers were present, continuing their usual duties without Drifter escort.

A new Drifter ident has been observed, under the name Cassandra Tyrannos. Investigation is ongoing. At this early stage, it appears two Drifter cruisers, tagged Cassandra Tyrannos, responded to aggression against Autothysian Lancers in the Eystur system, destroying the Capsuleer in question.

NOTE: They have been sited shooting capsuleer vessels on gates without provocation, if you see them on a gate, don’t assume they’re passive.

Damage: The lower portion of the structure has fully broken off and has begun to tilt to the side. It has been split down the back, leaving more internal components exposed. There is an increase in the cloud surrounding the Observatory.

The Arataka Research Consortium is continuing to monitor the situation and will update this thread as more information arrives.


Thank you for this report.

Several pilots went after the new Drifter ship, attempting to gleam some more info about it; Aurora News: New Drifter entity sighted!

The Drifter cruisers are equipped with a smaller version of the Lux Kontos battleship turret; the Lux Xiphos:

Do note that these Drifter cruiser ships act more aggressively at times, shooting ships without caution or reason. However this is very erratic & no solid trigger for this has been found. Mostly they leave ships alone unless fired upon but sometimes they open fire without reason. As mentioned by Aradina Varren & observed by me, this was at stargates.
So: beware!


No doubt the Final Solution by ARC is the contributing factor that Drifters now shoot capsuleer’s without provocation.

In your own reports you stated , the drifter ships were heavily damaged , presumed they were fleeing to our space for sanctuary . They have been subjected to one traumatic ordeal of genocide , ARC realising this , there answer is rather than protect them give them sanctuary is to mastermind plan by Makoto Priano , The Final Solution , form death squads subject them to another attack of genocide , loot and salvage their wrecks.


Pilots, please do ignore Horn’s ramblings.

Horn's madness exemplified

The following was sent as an evemail to my associate, Xindi Kraid.

Caldari Prime resistance movement has placed your name on a list,of Caldari liberal fascist capsuleers, liberal fascist of other races, who are now KOS for the resistance movement. The list is code named WAR PIGS.

Your crimes against the State are many Kraid, youve been charged with collusion with enemy being a quisling , on this charge the resistance has found you guilty.

Your charged with corruption and corporate malfeasance , for your part in the financial collapse of the Ishukone owned subsidiary Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive , the resistance movement has found you guilty on this charge.

You are charged with one of the most despicable crimes anyone can ever committ genocide.You are now involved with other liberal fascists, in the ethnic cleansing of another race, for the basic fact that you cannot understand them and have been unable to communicate with them. With the sole purpose of this ethnic cleansing, is to enrich yourselves , by stealing the secrets of their advanced and powerful techonologies. On this charge the resistance finds you guilty.

Many times Kraid ,i say many times, you have spoken out that you would personally like to put a bullet in the head , of the greatest Caldari hero Tibus Heth. We have not forgotten, on this charge resistance movement has found you guilty.

Any of our fighters who suicide attacks you , will be rewarded by the great Caldari Spirit with 50 nubile Caldari virgins, in the after life at the end of their immortality.

We are going to wipe you off the face of this New Eden universe Kraid. You are a dead man walking WAR PIG , PIG ,PIG ,PIG ,PIG PIG.

Glory to Tibus Heth , heil Heth , heil Heth , sieg heil , sieg heil , sieg heil.

Glory to the Great Caladri Spirits , Glory to the Provist Mujahideen Liberation Front , Gory to the Provist caliphate.


Those new ships are attacking at random? Could it be due to the capsuleers ship type or modules outfitted or has it truely been random? It seems odd unless they’re actively testing combat capabilities like we occasionally do when we get a new ship?


That was private communication between the CPRM and Xindi Kraid . As far as the CPRM are concernced he is as good as dead , he has not been seen or heard from for sometime , if he should reappear , we see him in space we will just open up on him see who get who first. There is no madness there Makoto !



Well, they mainly shot minmatar ships, but considering we did this investigation in minmatar space, that is hardly any indication at all.
Do note that for the most part, they remained passive, scanning things & hopping from the Jove Observatory to various locations within the system. We observed them for hours, without them acting against us. Even when they shot me, they did not fire on anyone else of the investigation team. My ship was a breacher, carrying a ship scanner & cargo scanner and a civilian afterburner & a missile launcher with 10 rockets. No cargo present. Do note that they didn’t mind me scanning their ship at the Jove Observatory, but only shot me at the gate, along with another poor schmuck, but left everyone else alone.

A few more cases of them shooting ships was reported, but these capsuleer ships did fire first.
So whatever triggers their shooting behaviour, it seems a bit random. So your reasoning of them testing their combat capacities has merit.


On the matter of the Observatories: No Drifter Wormholes or Lancer activity has been spotted in the D-W7F0 system in the past seven days. This includes at the Jove Observatory in D-W, which I’ve had under automated monitoring for some time. The D-W Observatory has similarly decayed, with the breakage taking place in the last 36 hours.

Unfortunately, I can’t be more specific in the time-frame, as the system does a full sensor-sweep once every twenty-four hours, with the last sweep coming after the breakage, some ten hours ago. The more refined, moment-to-moment monitoring is a passive system watching for active energy signatures, such as those produced by active sensors and propulsion systems. The system’s based on standard ship sensors, and has been confirmed to be able to detect Lancers, both as they come out of warp and while moving at sub-luminal speeds. Unfortunately, completely inert debris doesn’t trip them, which is why they didn’t register the breakage as it happened.

While Drifter/Lancer activity may have contributed to this decay, it seems highly unlikely that Tyrannos scavenging activities could have produced such uniform, simultaneous decay across all of New Eden. Rather, the widespread similarities and visibly equivalence indicates that this latest degradation is the result of extended unpowered exposure to the rigors of the deep space environment, and the radiation and particle content therein. The Observatories are likely simply breaking down at the weak points of the structures.

(For those wondering why I’d have the Observatory area monitored… just because I advocate non-violent observation when possible doesn’t mean I’m stupid. The Observatory systems represent potential preferred invasion corridors.)


A hive patrol successfully verified no change in status in the hives themselves; also, on clearing the hive, we successfully engaged a Drifter patrol of two battleships and three cruisers. We can verify that the Cassandra Tyrannos standard weapons have excellent tracking, but their superweapons fire remains largely unable to track our doctrine ships under controlled engagement scenarios.

However, I dare say unprepared Capsuleers are likely to suffer greatly for attempting to clear Autothysian Lancers.


Hrm. Do we have numbers on the equivalent structural rating output of the Cassandras’ superweapon? Crazy idea, I know, but what if those fleets you’ve been taking out are just the discarded after-effects of weapons testing to get these new cruisers evaluated through their shakedown period?


I don’t think t1 module fitted Coercers are going to be able to take care of this one. Nor are your gimmicky fleet doctrines. Good luck.

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… You mean the thing we literally just cleared using those gimmicks?

The thing we just did won’t work for doing the thing we just did.


I hope your arrogance won’t lead to the downfall of our civilization.

Kind regards,



I won’t quote any of your posts so you can delete them once you sober up without anyone knowing what you said.


Unfortunately, I am remarkably sober. You are all wonderful scientists, I would never argue that. But a new ship class? With incredibly enhanced maneuverability, far beyond that of similar capsuleer ships? In a cruiser-sized package?

The military and strategic implications are immense.

You may be bragging tonight about taking an armada of ships and annihilating one or two or three of these ships in small formations in high security space. Cruisers are designed specifically to require fewer resources to produce, tightly engineered around the principals of naval architecture and military efficiency. These initial engagements, and your initial victories, are nothing more than the final trial runs of this class and their articulation into a maneuver-warfare oriented combatant.

Mark my words, we will not be seeing just a handful of these ships here or there. But soon, hundreds. Science isn’t going to save us.

If I am harsh, it is only because I care so damn much. I hope you see and understand that.


Three cruisers, two battleships and a number of Lancers. Their main weapons do less damage than the usual battleship sized weapons we’re used to and their doomsday both does less damage and has the same tracking. Unless they adapt, there’s no reason to believe that a change in doctrine would be required. If they do, that’s another situation entirely. This test run has shown that they haven’t.

As it is, a passive tanked Drake could handle these cruisers.

One Confessor was lost at the Observatory, just for the sake of clarity. It was locked and fired on directly after exiting warp before it could move up to speed. It’s unfortunate, but there’s little that could really be done about that.


Is the universe doomed yet ? I can’t decide what to wear today, so if it’s the End Times, then that means I can just wear any old thing and not be too fussed.

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There has been further confirmation that they will shoot unprovoked. An assault frigate was used to dispatch the cruiser in this instance after it attacked on a station undock.


Always dress well for the Apocalypse Ms Valate, you never know who you’ll be meeting and first impressions count.