Are Legion SKINs supposed to hurt my eyes?

One question: why do SKINs for the Legion SUCK SO MUCH?!?

Come on, CCP, give us some love here!


Agreed 100%

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Think of it as a defense mechanism, meant to blind any enemy that looks too closely at you.

Might make sense… now I can ditch the cloaking device!

I’ve noticed that all active skins look like sh*t now when viewing them in the Hangar / Docking Bay. It’s the damn updated lighting effects CCP recently implemented, gives the ships a strange glow, like they’re coated with a radioactive slime.

Here’s a picture of my Loki T3 Cruiser with the new Snowline Bladeracer skin docked in station:

Now here’s a picture of it in space after undocking:

Big difference in the look of the ship skin, when in station it looks like sh*t and when in space it looks great. The main problem is that while in space, you normally won’t see it due to having the camera view zoomed out for grid situational awareness.

Also speaking of the Hangar view, why in the hell is the default screen after logging into the game always facing a blank wall looking at the ass-end of the ship?

The default view after logging into the game should actually be turned 180 degrees around so you’ll be facing an active portion of the Hangar Bay while looking at the front of the ship like this:

That really doesn’t look right. I’m not in game, but I don’t think it looks like that in a gallente station. Looks like minnie stations have a orange/red light scheme that doesn’t look good? I’m not good with colors though, I could be wrong.

Still doesn’t look right though.

Yeah, it’s definitely not right and needs to be redone. By the way, in that picture you can see the greenish hue lights underneath the ship. The station lights need to be reverted back to white hue like it was before the new lighting changes which looked like this:

Does this loki pic look ok? It’s in a raitaru.

Also, on topic, I wish legion had gotten the crown and sword skin or whatever it’s called. Those are nice looking skins. (if you like that kind of thing. I hate skins. Bleh. really)

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Well, that one has a bluish white hue to it but overall the lighting effects are definitely better than the in-station pic I posted.


I checked out the other stations and almost all of the NPC stations have weird lighting effects. However it seems the Gallente stations have better lighting effects than all the rest:

Caldari State Ibis Corvette in Caldari station:

Caldari State Ibis Corvette in space:

Amarr Empire Impairor Corvette in Amarr station:

Amarr Empire Impairor Corvette in space:

Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Venture Frigate in Gallente station:

Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) Venture Frigate in space:

And yet people still pay money for them so they do not suck enough and CCP can continue with their moneygrabs. It’s your fault for buying skins that they exist and that they suck.

Ok Mr. Killjoy, it’s not my fault that CCP Dev’s have no clue on how to code proper lighting effects within stations.

English is a wonderful language, isn’t it? This “your” was not directed at you specifically but to people in general who keep buying these crappy skins.

What’s wrong with the Amarr Station lights, though? In contrast to other places you at least see your ship there and it’s fully illuminated by lightsources with different light colors.

What’s wrong with the Amarr station lighting?

Main thing is it turns the underside of the ship into an entirely different color than what it actually is. Also the lighting washes out the top a bit so you don’t even see the reddish hue in the metal ornamental design on the back part of the ship. Now I know different types of suns in various systems will also change the ships color a little bit but not to such an extreme as the stations currently do.

Maybe I’m wrong but the whole intent of the change to station interior lighting effects was to highlight the ships, which by all accounts should also highlight ship skins, not make their color scheme completely different.

The point I’m making is the Dev team that worked on the newly updated station lighting did a crap-ass job, they should have checked their work in-game before actually implementing it.

Well, the light coming from the bottom is orange. It would be even worse of the orange light from the bottom illuminated the ship in a white color tone. It has been orange from the bottom since they introduced the new hangars.

Though, the in station lights are worse than before the latest change in a lot of regards. For instance frigates and small ships are not highlighted at all but big ships flood the entire hangar with light.

It’s probably meant to drive you out of the station and undock. CCP has always been good with sticks to club people in the most inappropriate situations, after all.

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Yeah, I know it’s been that way since they implemented the change. That whole issue has been bugging me for a while now and this thread basically gave me the opportunity to show just how messed up of a job they did.

And on that 2nd pic (Providence ?), where is all the white light coming from when the light itself is actually orange? Also I’m sure the top color of that ship is completely different when viewed in space.

Anyway, I still say CCP did a crappy job with the lighting change and quite frankly the station interior lighting was just fine before the change, there was no reason to even mess with it in the first place.

That is an excellent question. It’s reflections on the ship hull from other light sources from somewhere.

Excellent observation. Especially since it achieved the polar opposite of what CCP advertised it as.

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Yep, every time I see new Amarr skins for sale I think how wonderful it would be to have a Legion skin that isn’t ugly as sin. Still waiting, it’s been what, two years since the last Legion skin?

Also, two of the three look almost identical apart from inverting the color scheme, and the third…

Tengu: 10
Loki: 6
Prot: 5
Legion: Effectively 2

I’d like crown and swords and the imperial jubilee for the legion. I’d be happy. CCPlease give us a legion skin. I would buy it.

I mean, I would buy it in protest. Because skins are bad. I would jettison the skin and shoot it down into a million beautiful pieces.

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