Are missions worth doing as a group?

just made a test.
the lp was shared then applied each player’s skills
the isk was using the puller’s skills.

made another test and they both got reward based on the puller’s skill. May have made a mistake on previous test.

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The Negotiation skill is applied only through the player who get’s the mission offer, regardless if other players in fleet have higher skill level.

yes it more fun to run things with people, my corp is running them and taking all loot to the corp to fuel a citadel and purchase a 2nd one. also someone may be a diehard empire fan and don’t mine murdering the other 2 empires and running as many of a group as possible, they can keep the faction storyline standings to themselves while the others are just getting corp rep and lp.

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Yep, that is the case. I was doing some missions with alliance mates earlier last year and since my personal standing is very high, I told them to just join me and let me pull the missions, so they would get the standings from my skills and they did.
Money isk less, yes, but doing group things is not about the money but the social aspect.

And as was said, if you are being jammed or tracking disrupted, your mates will clear that up for you. The NPC target switching mechanics working in your favor.

In null you can do burners in cheap ships with +2-3 fleet members, pulling them from agent is easier too.

I can tell from this and the rest of your response that you simply have no clue what I am talking about.
Fitting 2 ships for 1300 plus DPS is slowing your completion rate.
Having your DPS ships sitting or moving around in the pockets to loot / salvage ANYTHING is slowing you down.
Having slow aligning, slow warping ships moving between agent and mission pockets is slowing you down.
To be honest you simply cannot run an efficient group mission gathering with just 2 characters, too much to do and not enough characters.

First up the teams needed to do this.

At least 2 characters to pull missions and then turn them in.
Each of these characters follows the DPS team as it moves through the mission they pulled bookmarking each pocket and loot / salvage anything needed to complete the mission leaving everything else behind. Warp back to agent, turn in and pass bookmarks to salvage team, or warp ahead and act as a warp to point for the salvage team. We prefer an interceptor with a salvage beam and MWD drive, the rest of the fit is a balance between align time and max warp speed hedged towards warp speed.

Salvage teams are two ships, usually one Noctis fit with all salvage beams and a destroyer fit with all tractor beams and a MWD. Destroyer gathers everything looting along the way, the Noctis salvages it all and loots what the destroyer misses, then the team warps on to the next bookmark. With missions already turned in MWD on the Noctis is not needed you warp in sit there and loot / salvage then warp to the next. Somewhere along the line these ships fill up and dump into a jet can. Normally we have enough players / characters to have one assigned to pick up detail, if not the destroyer salvage pilot will reship and collect while the Noctis moves on.

DPS teams need to be two ships, one chosen and fit specifically to handle the large ships, and one chosen and fit specifically to handle the small fast stuff. Warp in start large or small depending on the ship / fit and meet in the middle. When the killing is done warp away and meet the other mission pull pilot at the starting point for the next mission.

By using 2 characters to handle mission pull and turn in you can keep the DPS and Salvage teams in space and working on their respective tasks. With teams to kill and other characters to pull and turn in missions the salvage team is free to loot / salvage everything without slowing down the overall completion progress. While that may not add much for each mission it does add up to a significant amount at the end of a session, stuff that you would leave laying around space. We make more per character doing this than running solo, and when compared to someone like yourself that uses 2 characters we come out roughly equal to what you make.

Mission teams are usually 6 to eight characters and 3 to 5 players.
Using this we can make more per character than we can running missions solo.
When compared to someone like you that uses 2 characters our per character income is roughly the same.
So why go to all the hassles etc of coordinating these, because it is FUN.
Everyone in my corp is old by EvE standards (our baby is 5 years in the game and 48 years old in real life), all of us have high paying jobs in real life so when / if we need ISK we simply buy plex from CCP and sell them in game. With any need or concern for ISK / LP removed we simply do what we want, when we want and for as long as we want. And when it is no longer FUN then we stop and go do something else.


When compared to someone like you that uses 2 characters our per character income is roughly the same.

Using alts is cheating this whole argument… yeah if I use 2-3 characters then my isk/hr is going to be through the roof because there’s no split, it’s all going to one guy.

I would bet that one guy in a Paladin/Vargur who has good knowledge of when / when not to blitz, knowledge of high isk:m3 loot, and which salvage to skip, will not be able to be eclipsed in isk/hr by a group (unless that group is using multiple chars per person).

To the original question:

Yes, but one person will always benefit more than the other.

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There ARE reasons to do missions with multiple people, but for standard level 4’s I mostly find it’s only good when you have a significant number of people, like 10 or so all able to get missions from the same agent, this way you can cut travel time immensely by moving 2 jumps then doing 6-7 missions all at once before turning them in. You can also use MWD’s and even ship down to faster warping ships to blitz them at insane speeds. Even after splitting the rewards this is 30-40% more efficient isk than doing them solo. (But it requires everyone to be focused and on the same level, one guy lagging behind and that benefit is lost.

Having a small fleet of players also makes burners doable without a blingy as ■■■■ faction ship, and makes some special missions doable, such as the rare’ish carrier-kill mission, which is a lot of fun with a good sized group.

Doing these as a group can be fun and efficient if done correctly, but given the extra work for minimal benefit, most just solo all of it, or use an alt or two.

You can do team burners in a kestral mate

how long does it take for you to do team jaguar in a kestrel ?

Please send me a video of you doing any non-team burner in a kestral, I could use the laugh. :slight_smile:
(Though it “may” be possible if you bling one enough, that sure would take a while.)

I honestly dont think they would have enough dps to break the tank. Even with a shiny fit and + 6% implants

Yeah I wager he wouldn’t either, but I can’t say I’ve tried officer fitting a kestral to ever check. :slight_smile:

I find it interesting that your first assessment is that we are using alts, funny that, I do not remember mentioning alts, and in reading my post again I do not see where I mention the use of alts. In reality this comment is a sad testimony about the state of the game and the pervasive use of alts instead of gathering as a group of players.

Specifically for our group, we are all friends in real life, those lives have scattered us across the face of this earth so we use online games like EvE and many others as our place to gather and talk without about whatever while doing something we all enjoy. Yes, all of us could do a group mission run using alts instead of friends but where is the fun in that? Also if we have to run without friends it is easier to make huge amounts of ISK running sites in nul or worm holes anyway so we never bother with solo missions these days other than to keep in touch with what CCP has done or is doing to them.

The simple reality is this, with recent changes to the game a group of alpha state players could gather together and do exactly the same thing we do. Granted due to skills, ships, fittings they do not have access to they could not do it as time efficiently as we do, but then we should compare their group to each of them running solo and not compare them to a group of multi-year players / characters with enough ISK to buy and fly whatever we want.

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Racial Long-range ECMs with a MWD and light missiles will chew through any team, slowly but surely.

You use one ECM at a time on one of the Logi, it pulls back to break your lock, and when it pulls back in you re-lock it and just use the second ECM on it. While you’re juggling that Logi, you kill the other Logi.

I know they can run Team burners i was referring to the none team burner missions.

I find it interesting that your first assessment is that we are using alts, funny that, I do not remember mentioning alts, and in reading my post again I do not see where I mention the use of alts. In reality this comment is a sad testimony about the state of the game and the pervasive use of alts instead of gathering as a group of players.

Your post makes a distinction between “player” and “character”, not my words. I don’t use alt accounts btw, if I’m in a group it’s with another human that I split rewards with.

Don’t know why you’re on my ass about this, now it sounds like you are backpedaling to “well we do group missions together because we are RL pals, not for the isk” which is the same sentiment I professed in my first 2 posts in this thread, i.e. yes missions are worth grouping for regardless of the isk because human interaction is invaluable.

Sorry for the confusion. But I don’t think the Kestrel has DPS/application issues though, the problem is that it’s not really meant to face-tank stuff and that’s kind of what Burner Agents force you to do by being in scram/web range already as soon as you land in their sites.

It’s the same deal as the Hookbill and Garmur, they can’t run Agents because they can’t kite them like they’re designed to. No amount of office modules, skills, etc. will save a Garmur from getting shredded in just 4-5 salvos from an agent rat.

They are worth doing as a team because it is better than playing an MMO alone. That really ought to be all the metric you need.

Playing with others opens up new game play options, fitting options, and tactical options. A fleet is more than the sum of it’s parts, so fleeting up is a force multiplier more than just adding another warm body.
With friends someone can run a logi, or a booster, or mix up small ships to clear tackle with larger ships working on the bigger enemies.

Some of these mechanics rarely get seen outside of fleet PvP. Here is a good chance to practice watching broadcasts and repping people without the stress of it being a real fleet with a bunch going on all at once.

Indeed, PvE is where you should be learning all the stuff that for some reason, CCP decided not to teach you. Broadcasting for reps, fleet warps, scouting ahead of the main fleet, boosting, target calling…and much more. Learn that stuff in zero-risk PvE and it won’t be a mystery when you fight other players.

Find some folks that want to try specific fleet roles like Logi, and invite them to fleet. That totally changes your DPS fit, and you’ll be surprised at how different it can be without trying to run local reps, EWAR, etc all in one hull.

As for money. No. Sadly there is no way to get around the investment in time and effort it is playing with others. From forming up, getting comms straight, etc…it’s all small amounts of time but it adds up if you are trying to play the min/max game.