Are there any good Amarrian loyalist channels in game?

Title :slight_smile:

Also any other relevant channels for rp and banter.

‘The Good Word’ is SFRIMs channel for Amarr outreach and teaching people about Amarr.
‘Sacred Throne’ is PIEs channel thats an in character space for those who wish to see Amarr prosper.

Both have mixed amounts of activity depending on timezone and just what’s been happening in EVE.

‘The Summit’ is a neutral space where all groups are welcome as long as they avoid direct insults towards others. It’s the most consistently active roleplay channel in EVE, and one of the oldest, though it can be a little contentious at times.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, there are no good Amarrian loyalists, so I’m thinking no. :stuck_out_tongue:
No P2W

There are Amarrians and there are bad people.

what forum section am I in right now?

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