Amarrian loyalist channels

It seems to me that my holy self are devoid of contacts [negative event —] As such it is hard to contact peoiple of importance. It laso occured that because of last series of…misunderstandings that continued over year [ hrrr++++] fine gentlemen and gentlewenc…gentlewomen of CVA still have ban over me in CVA-Diplo. Can you lift it? It would benefit [cheerfuly+++] the Empire and her imperial majesty, beloved by all!

I also request other loyalist channels and if im for some misunderstanding or series of misunderstandings how ever prolonged they were banned, please lift it. For the glory of God omnipotent! +++

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From the resistance of the occupiers
God allmighty deliver us.

From despair, temptation and poverty
God almighty deliver us.

From the loss of the war
God allmighty +++[whispering]+++deliver us

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