Are you a Returning Player?, Is Your Corp Inactive?. Looking for a Change?

Industry or Mining Focused?


Individuals AND Corps Welcome

We have over 500 BPO,s for Mods and Ammo
We have Over 300 BPO,s for Ships and Rigs
We can offer you Invention Facility’s as well as Building and Research Facility’s

We have an Ore Buy Back for Moon Goo and Belt Ore… We will buy the Ore you mine that will give you the Funds to Buy the Minerals that you are now finding it hard to mine.

We have Multiple Moons to Mine to help you get Isk.
We offer the Best Reprocessing and Lowest Tax in Our System ( YES there are other places to refine in system)

We are Close to Jita for Easy Trading

WE DO NOT use Voice COMM’s and there are NO Mandatory Fleet ops,
We Can offer Orca Boosts and what ever you mine is ALL YOURS.

If you want to Know More, Join out In game Chat Channel P&B Pub or Mail one of our recruiters in game

  • Access granted after a short Trial Period

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