Are you a sexy pirate? No? Do you want to be? .KNOC is recruiting!

.KNOC is a small tight knit group, based out of Molden Heath low security space, and the lead corp in the Pinocchio’s Asylum Alliance and we like to live up to our name. We are once again looking to expand our numbers and reach in the game

What we offer:

  • Regular fleets of all kinds

  • FCs with years of experience in all aspects of the game.

  • ISK Making opportunities from lvl 5 missions and juicy moons.

  • PvP training if needed.

  • Casual, RL first approach.

What we need from you:

  • Age of 18+

  • PvP focused. (Indy alts ok)

  • Voice comms with a working mic required

  • 15 mil SP minimum with the ability to fly doctrine ships or train quickly into them.

  • Independence (create content for yourself during slow times and not rely on others to make money all the time)

  • A Haiku in your application. (After you talk to a recruiter of course)

If you are interested join our public channel KNOC Recruit or send a mail to a recruiter!

Corp ZKill

Alliance ZKill

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Up to the top! Recruitment is still open!