Are you Ambitious? Want to make and run your own corp? This is your chance

o7, eve,

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is aLagger Boi. I have experience over the last 6 years running corps and building successful medium sized alliances. In this post, you’ll read about the unique opportunity I present, and even if you dont inquire further for the opportunity, I hope you enjoy the read. I’m going to start by introducing myself a bit, so you get a feel for what your getting into, feel free to skip over it. I have included a TLDR at the bottom.

My History.

  • Back 6 years and 2 days ago I joined this game, I chanced apon it via a youtube ad, and I found it interesting, so I tried it, and in came my latest hyperfocus/addicition.
  • I joined a couple random corps not really knowing what I was doing, Reddit - Dive into anything had a hillarious encounter with wingspan as a noob
  • Joined up with a corporation named Black ashes, whos leader, asuna aboshi, was known by alot of groups at the time for either good or bad reasons, we lived in wormholes, then to nullsec, I learnt alot, eventually got promoted to officer in this corporation after flying and learning with them for about 4 months. This is about 2 years into my playtime. I got my hands on a bit of PVP, and a bit of isk making. But I was still living day by day.
  • During the end of my time flying with the dudes from black ashes (around january 2021), we were in BOOM (Train Freight Diplomacy) living in Vale before Frat took it over. When frat came and our allies dipped, BOOM disbanded, and I opted to join the AUTZish group Sons of Bane, who were frat pets who lived exactually where I lived before.
  • While I was in SoB I made some key friends, but some internal drama issues caused a couple corps to leave (from what I remember), and ended up pushing me out of SoB. I floated around in Highsec and ran a highsec corp alongside another highsec corp that I was friends with.
  • We made friends with some dudes that went on to be sugar (way later down the track), we got a wormhole (a c3 with a HS/C3), and made a little coalition named Shrodingers Wormhole, which was an agreement between a couple corps that lived together in that hole for a couple months. That was going well for a while, we werent super hardcore pvp orientated or anything. Inevitably, we got evicted, as is the life of wh space.
  • By this point a friend of mine had gotten me into PVPing in lowsec, and I spent the next year, floating through a couple corps while living in tama, I made it to the top 4 on kills in tama at that point in time in that system; it was fun, and thats where I really learnt how to PVP in a smaller format, and I loved it
  • Near the end of my tama sprint, I made a side hustle in eve named eveworks (not advertising and I wont go into detail you can search us up on google though lol), its still running to this day generating 100b in revenue a month - this spare cash fueled my need to crab less and to pvp more.
  • Around about the same time some of my buddies from black ashes came back to the game, and we made a corporation named Warriors Of Caldari (cringe i know), the plan was to go to nullsec, so me and about 5 other dudes went at it to build WARCA, Warca grew well, we joined a pet alliance that was just trash for us, but we were with them for a couple months. We got so sick of it, that we went looking for other opportunities, we wanted to run an alliance.
  • We got in touch with some people from fire as part of our exploration, explained our situation, and our motive, and we got given the opportunity to live in fire, in the shittiest bit of scalding pass for sov; I was in the alliance leadership team for a bit. I told the alliance leader I wanted to run a corp (at this time the leadership was considered isolated from the corps to prevent bias; an honest but naive idea imo) - I was told, half jokingly that I would need to have a corp with 10 heartbeats to join the alliance, they said thinking I wouldn’t do it. A week later, I had a corp with 10 solid heartbeats with decently competent players. This formed my latest corp, Agartha Forgeries, which we are still running to this day.
  • This corp flew under this alliance (Warriors of Sol), in it I started running casual fleets and learnt how to FC properly, and ran smaller ops. Near the end of our journey with fire/WARSOL we got a corp farming C2 with a NS/C5 for a bit of isk making
  • Our journey with WARSOL came to an end when fire died, fires death nearly killed the corp, it made alot of my members go AFK, so we changed it up. We explored Opportunities and ended up joining up with TRI back in lowsec, it was very exciting with the prospect of getting sov and flying in a cool unique way that was unknown for us prior.
  • Tri Then pushed into nullsov to fight and eventually get sov over a constellation belonging to SSS, it was tricky, and taught me alot about flying advanced doctrines successfully. I learnt alot from tri, and alot from Garst (Tri’s Leader, very cool dude) with fleet tactics, advanced fleet tactics and doctrine selection and choice.
  • We then left tri and founded the alliance Two Vargurs One Hole, which is now the alliance offering this unique opportunity to people who are fitting of character and ambition.

Who are Two Vargurs One Hole and why should we give a f— about you?

  1. F— you.
  2. We are a wormhole alliance with a focus on making AUTZ a fun timezone to PVP in and fly in. We believe in the original WH bushito that has gone out the window lately over the last couple years in wh space. More Honour Fights, less blobbing, no podding (without asking for pod ex first). We don’t care about our zkill as much as we care about fostering fun fights. We also like to fly cool ships.

Our vision is an AUTZ in wormhole space that is fruitful for all forms of content, backed by some crazy people in the late ustz, who enjoy the process of escalating fights, not snuffing them out with a blob.

Skip the BS, what are you offering???

  1. F— you
  2. I am specifically looking for people, who have always dreamed of running their own corporation, who just haven’t done it yet, or people looking to revive an old corp that is dead. There is a spot in our alliance for corp leaders with genuine drive and motive to start up a corporation in our alliance who may not have the complete time to learn, money to fund, or any other blockage.

But I’m not a super awesome pilot who can do everything in the game or something like that??

  1. Skill Issue
  2. You don’t need to be, you can be taught the skills to run a successful medium sized corp, but you cant be trained. You also don’t need to be a PVP goat, you just have to be willing to help drive your corp; we can guide you on how to make and run a successful corp, but we cant run it for you.
  3. The goal is for people in the AUTZ to do this, but we also accept people from USTZ


  • Looking for motivated pilots who want to run and build a corp inside an alliance,
  • Accessible to those who may not be ready to start out on their own Corp successfully due to common blocks
  • Looking for ideally AUTZ but are open to USTZ applicants for this program too.

Discord link

If this interests you, hit me up on discord “alagger”, or mail me ingame on “aLagger Boi”

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