Are you feeling Salty?

Salty With A Chance of Capitals may be for you!

We Operate In:

We Focus On:

Some Things We Offer:
-Training for new players
-Integration for returning players
-A Constitutional, Self-Governing Stratocracy Govt.
-Opportunities for income
-WH life
-A community with members who are able to affect change in the Corp
-Military Core Values

SW4CC is looking for members to join its cause and become an integral part of its team. All members should expect to participate in some forms of PvP, as this is the core of Eve Online. Service guarantees citizenship in the organization.

Enlist Today!
Join Our Public Channel: Salty Gaming Network
Find our Silly Ad: Salty With A Chance Of Capitals - Shhh. Just Let It Happen

Contact myself for more information.

Membership opportunities are still available. Enlist Today!

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