Are you looking for a laid back HS/LS WH Corp? Read on

Hi, are you looking for a relaxed team to chill with? We have folks from the UK, EU, the US and Singapore. We welcome all!

We offer access to multiple game styles, from LS pew, to the wonders and variety of WH space… either hunting or avoiding the hunters?!?

We tend toward Indy, but are down for fights and fleets too! As a partner in Exxitium, we have access to mining and roaming ops, if that’s your thing. We have terrific allies.

We’d most likely be a good fit for the Carebear or J-Bear with Teeth, or the PVP-er that appreciates the isk potential from Indy… (or keen “Wanna-be’s”).

If you’re interested in being in HS/LS, then there’s really no prerequisites (though we’re all waiting for the moon mining changes and their impacts coming our way).

If you’re interested in WH space, we ask that your character is scanning and Covert Ops capable. Dual boxing a second toon as a scout is a big help as well. We have fits to help you plan your training decisions or sequences.

You’ll enjoy the WH life more when you can huff gas, hit data and relic sites and krab. The WH PI is really good and keeps a toon flush with isk by itself. Scouts and security for krabbing still contribute a lot.

To date, our team has been focused on laying the foundation for various content via relationships and infrastructure and now we think it’s time to recruit and share! Come and join us and add to the content!

We’re building for the future! Your future.

Join our public chat channel: RedPillPub
Discord: 2

Jump into the public chat to start connecting!

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Thank you Hondor!

Come check us out folks, lot’s different content to choose from!


What do you want to do? Exploration sites? Indy? PI? Security?

Come do it with us, we’re really chill. :wink:

Enjoy your kind of content in a chill and supportive atmosphere…

Hmmm, what don’t we do right now?..uh, BLOPs…and, uh…that “Rooks and Kings” type Titan Bridging…

Other than those…we still do the HS/LS/WH activities (and shenanigans)

Our Alliance-mates are great…

Check us out!

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