Are you Looking for a mining and industry Corp? Than we want you!

If you are looking for a industry focused Corp in hi sec? Than the republic of the united Steve’s is interested in you! We are a social Corp with a presence in hi sec, mainly in the forge.we are welcoming to new players and old alike. We offer:

  • moon mining once a week
  • free freighting for relocation to our area of operations and to get items to the market in jita
  • mining fleets with fleet command bursts to help you get that ore/ice quicker
  • a social discord with plenty of banter
  • mentoring to help new players and support to get you on your feet
  • we also have bases located in our central hub to offer all the services you require
  • we also have a frequent daily Trig fleet run with members as well

So if you are interested in joining please message me in game and we can get talking.