Are you looking to act out? Newports and Milk is looking for members! New/Returning players and Veterans welcome!

Join Newports and Milk today! Focused on the newbro/returning player experience, we facilitate an array of content to help you experience eve in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

Located in Amarr low-security space with friendly sov in rich nullsec pockets. You can rest assured that you will get your fair share of content.

What we offer

  • Moon Mining/Corp Mining Ops
  • Nullsec Krabbing
  • Free Newport ship fits to get you participating in fleets
  • A laid back and enjoyable atmosphere
  • A place to learn and thrive in Eve Online
  • Small-gang to 100+ large-scale fleets with our lowsec/null neighbors
  • Willing and able members to help you get situated and answer any questions you might have
  • Events outside Eve such as movie nights with corp mates
  • Weekly yeet fleets to find content and have fun
  • A spicy gate camp in our home system you can partake in anytime
  • A large-scale industry platform with an array of structures to supplement your indy desires
  • Corp Buyback Program on an array of items

We’re looking for members from all types of backgrounds who, frankly, wish to shoot ships and have fun.

Pop in the discord and say hello!

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