Are you old and cranky too?

Is this you?;

  • over 40 (or feel like it)?
  • have real life responsibilities (i.e., Eve is just a game to you)?
  • feel out of place amongst all the youngsters?
  • want to (mostly) do your own thing?
  • (very) occasionally need help (or company)?
  • tired of paying 10% in taxes?

Old Fogies [OVR40] may be for you.

The Corp does NOT require any activity;

  • No ops to attend.
  • No space or structures to defend.
  • No 3-hour fleets.
  • No headphones or mic needed.

Go exploring, run missions, do abyssals, mine, fight, or do industry.

Play as much (or as little) as you want for as long (or as short) as you want, in any time zone you care to.

The Corp offers;

  • ZERO (i.e., 0%) tax.
  • a 95% High Sec Buyback (25M min) for the incurably busy/lazy.
  • no war-decs, because we’re too busy/lazy to be bothered.
  • help, if you need it.

The Corp requires;

  • acting your age - treat everyone in-game and out with respect.
  • communications in English.

The Corp does NOT offer structures (would make this work and not a game anymore).

Full disclosure - the Corp is a new endeavor by a 6-year EvE vet who has a life and just wanted all the youngsters off his lawn.

If you have questions, message Orn Uri in-game.

Or, since you know (too) that life is short, just apply in-game.



Still recruiting - submit an application or message me in game if you have questions.

Still accepting applications (or questions).

We are still here, if you need a nice quiet place, with 0% tax, to do your own thing.

Message here or in-game, or apply in-game to Old Fogies [OVR40].

And by the way, the >40 thing is not a strict age requirement, more of an attitude.

Still open for those interested.

We make for an excellent spot to park your high sec alt, as we have little to nothing to do with each other and offer 0% taxes.

Besides curmudgeons like us don’t want to be around you either.

Apply, or message, in-game.

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