We are Unqualified Chaos [UNQOS] , a corp of tight-knit veterans, hardened by experience, and based on the principle of “Fly Chaotic.”

As a member of Brave Collective [BRAVE] , we get access to frontline combat in the war against the Goons. That means we have the opportunity for content ranging from intimate Solo and Small gang roams through low and null, to taking part in some of the largest battles in Eve’s history.

Besides great content, our main goal as a corp is to build a family. Yes, we know that’s cheezy, but we believe it’s the people we play with that keep us coming back. We want every member of the corp to feel that they are part of a family, because that actually means something to us.

What we expect from you:

  • A PvP mentality, first and foremost.
  • Be an Active player and be on Comms as often as you can. However, Life comes first. Always.
  • We will help you in whatever way we can, but be Self-Sufficient. We’re a family, not a daycare.

*No Hard SP requirement, but we are not the best fit for newer players.

What we offer:

  • PvP in any form we can muster. From Solo and Small Gang to Headline-making Battles.
  • Ample Isk-making opportunities.
  • The Best group of Schmucks in New Eden :slight_smile:

Recruitment process:

Join our Discord , hop into the Recruitment Channel, and read the sticky/speak up. If you have questions, you can always contact Maria Tokila, Rabnud or Thayden for witty answers.

We hope to see you, soon!

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need new ppl to trash talk…if you think you can take it apply today!!!

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