We are Unqualified Chaos [UNQOS] , a corp of tight-knit decently experienced and active people, based on the principle of “Fly Chaotic.”

Why chaotic you ask?

Well, easy answer is: “You will figure it out pretty quickly if you join”.

Our group focuses on PvP in whatever form currently available, inluding but not restricted to, gatecamping, small gang roams in LS and NS, blops, medium size fighting and capital warfare.

Besides great content, our main goal as a corp is to build a community. Yes, we know that’s cheezy, but we believe it’s the people we play with that keep us coming back. We want every member of the corp to feel that they are part of something and that they have a home to return to.

What we expect from you:

  • A PvP mentality, first and foremost.
  • Be an Active player and be on Comms as often as you can. However, Life comes first. Always.
  • We will help you in whatever way we can, but be Self-Sufficient. We’re a community, not a daycare.

*No Hard SP requirement, but we are not the best fit for newer players.

Recruitment process:

Join our Discord , hop into the Recruitment Channel, and read the sticky/speak up. If you have questions, you can always contact Maria Tokila, Rabnud or Thayden for witty answers.

UNQOS out!!


Recruitment open.

Still open for business.

Just recently started back up playing Eve and this group of pilots is fantastic. Knowledgeable support group looking to help players grow and make space explosions.

Highly recommend flying with this group if you’re looking for Low-sec action.

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Kinakka crew is back
Solid group that i’ve flown with for years now
One of the best small gang pirate crews you can be with
Not afraid to take fights or fight outnumbered

Come join us

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Always looking.


Still open.

We need you! Well, we want you. Maybe. Come say hi!

Open for recruitment. No cookies.

Experience the pirate life, one target at a time.

Three littlie piggies were searching for a new corp.

They wanted to experience lowsex and we replied, come right on.

Was a good corp when they flew with me in Molden Heath. Give em a look.


But lowsex was broken, and it wasnt the same feeling as other sexes, but they kept recruiting.


New and improved, still looking for you you you.


Still open.

Join in on a lot of hot and spicy action, you know you want 2!