Arkonbine Astero skin

I just found out that there is an Arkonbine Astero skin.
But I cannot find any information about when it was on sale.

Is this an upcoming skin?
Or when was it on sale?

Only distributed if you took part in the Vanguard play test (non-tradable)

I played into both Vanguard playtest that happened so far.
That skin was not advertised as a reward for it.
Could it be for a future playtest?

Otherwise, can you point me to which playtest it was?

Probably the next or upcoming event for vanguard. Looks to be skin rewards every month for some challenges

First playtest was the non tradeable pod skin

Second was tradeable dragoon skin for 50 kills, and a non tradeable executioner skin.

The aster oskin has an item id and market window, but afaik the sounds themselves don’t exist yet.

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