Armageddon Imperial Issue Price Check Please

I’ve been out of the game for too long, so I may need help with this.

How much would an Armageddon Imperial Issue fetch nowadays?

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I don’t know but I’ll bid 300 B since this one seems rare as an AT ship

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Holy… you got a good collector’s ship. Good luck on the sale.

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Oh I am not selling atm! I don’t even know how I will proceed with the sale since the last time I seriously played, we were hindered by the 1T cap on the contract. I can’t recall, but I believe I sold my last Raven State Issue for 3T or something. It’s been many years ago!

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It could be ~5T these days, maybe even 6T.

Not sure when was the last time one of the special-issue AT battleships was put on sale, but when @Bluemelon was selling Rave State Issue back in 2019 WTS Raven State Issue - #19 by Bluemelon the price was around 3T already.

From simple plex appreciatioin and isk inflation it would be ~4T today.

Since that time the AT ship interest increased, hence special-issue ones would be even more precious to the collectors. Having 3-5 of these each of a kind they are the crown jewels of AT ships.

Most AT ships from 50 pcs series fetch from 250 to 450B. The 25 pcs series go even higher Moracha (700-800B, there are even WTS for 1T+).

Heck, even 140 pcs prices got insane:

  • Raiju increased in value from ~130B to ~250B in 2 years
  • Laelaps increased in value from ~200B to ~400B in 2 years

Naturally, there are notable exceptions such as Adrestia and Utu which depreciated after CCP announced that XIX AT ships “will be variations on the Adrestia and Utu”. Consequently, there will be 140 pcs of neo-Adrestia and neo-Utu with arguably better stats. But I don’t think they will touch special-issue AT battleships.

Combining both reasons, I’d say 5T should be a minimum starting bid, but I’d expect final offers to reach 6T+. After all, some people are willing to liquidate a significant portion of their assets to re-set their collection. For hardcore collectors, it is almost always better to get the extremely rare ship at the cost of a couple of less rare ones (which they have a higher chance to recoup later). And if someone is not willing to make such a sacrifice then they are not worth getting such a precious hull like this one.


Great evaluation above, which seems about right. But if you are really wanting to sell it, one needs to liquidate. So you will be stuck between 2-3T

Or you will need a lot of patience for a buyer to aquire this amount in liquid

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