[DONE] Apocalypse Imperial Issue

As far as I know, there are only 4 such ships in the game. 1 destroyed. There are 3 left.

I understand that the cost is more than 1 trillion isk. However, the question is, how much can this ship cost? Or so: how much are you willing to pay for it?

Five were handed out, one was destroyed and a couple were turned in for an event. Only one remains and 5 to 10 tril or more wouldn’t surprise me if it actually shows up for sale.


About 1/10th the cost of the Megathron Federate Issue…


It is probably less than 10t thought. Not so long ago @Cherry_Vanilla_DietCoke flexed their Raven State Issue with Cambion in escape hatch. No one dared to buy it for 10t back then :wink:

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fwiw, you can put it on contracts for 10-20t and be entertained with various offers almost instantly.

You can put it on contracts for up to 10 tril isk max… there are 4 state ravens vs 1 impoc.

I thought there is still one from the Succession Championship times (excluding the one behind banned acc) and there is the one from the lottery.

Do all 4 RSIs still exist? I know about two for sure.

Yes, all 4 exist and at least 3 are active.

Thx all.

Didn’t one get destroyed during the alliance tournaments? By 10x Thorax?

It was an epic match

No RSI was destroyed in that match, just the EGO of the opposing teams theorycrafter

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