Price check Aeon / Avatar pilot

Price check please?

  • Have cold iron skin and purity of the throne for all Amarr capitals and supercapitals (most subcaps have the skins for both sets as well. I can get an updated list if necessary).
  • Full High grade slave set + HG-1008 + MC-806 located in High Sec
  • Mastery IV for all Amarr capitals and supercapitals. Only missing leadership skills for carrier/sc and capital pulse/beam specialist V to be a FULL MASTERY V on all amarr capitals.

Character is an unique pure-bred Amarr monster.

Might consider selling it if the price is right…

that’s a sweet toon with an epic name wish I could afford to offer for him xD guess around 90 - 100b ish ?

actually I lie I didn’t read the skins bit might be a tad more tbh

sorry, i just updated. thanks for your comments.

at least 90b, possibly more than 105b if you find someone looking for a super / titan character

thanks mate.

You can extract it for 90 Billion isk profit im happy to offer you 100 right now

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