WTS 53.3mil sp max REV and awesome AVATAR pilot. Titan 5. DDO 5

Selling max REV and awesome AVATAR pilot.


For the REVELATION i have
amarr dread lvl 5
tactical weapon config lvl 5
cap energy turret lvl 5
among all the wicked combat skills that go with any combat pilot

For the AVATAR i have
capital ships lvl 5
amarr titan lvl 5
doomsday operation lvl 5
doomsday rapid firing lvl 4
jump portal generation lvl 4

This character is also sold with 2 full sets of HG amulets. I used one set is for titan and the other is for dread personally. Approx value is 8 bil Evepraisal - Appraisal zwvve: 2.68 Billion Buy / 8.07 Billion Sell

I am looking for 55bil


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29 B offer.

def not

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bump. Buyout reduced


I’ll give you 28.5 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

considering the extraction profit value is over 34bil and not including 8bil in implants or bilions in expensive skillbooks i will hard pass on any offer near this low

actual extraction profit value is way lower than 34b…

48mil extractable sp = 96 injectors
extractor cost 265mil per 265 x 96 = 25.4bil
skill injector price 612mil per. 612 x 96 = 58.7bil

58.7bil injectors - 25.4bil extractors = 33.3bil profit

not sure what your definition of “way lower” is but considering your offer is based for you to make profit its understandable. My character isnt on here to go to people looking to liquidate him to 5mil sp like almost everyone who makes an offer on characters nowadays and Im not desperate to sell.

I P Warucantseme your math doesn’t include tax and that’s about 4.25% less for us… but you are correct you could get about 40 to 50 for your Character. If you need fast cash I’m here but If I was you I would try and get 40+ of this guy.


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nice char
I would not sell below 50
titan skill +2xImplant Set alone 15-17bil



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