WTS 53.3mil sp max REV and awesome AVATAR pilot. Titan 5. DDO 5

Selling max REV and awesome AVATAR pilot.


For the REVELATION i have
amarr dread lvl 5
tactical weapon config lvl 5
cap energy turret lvl 5
among all the wicked combat skills that go with any combat pilot

For the AVATAR i have
capital ships lvl 5
amarr titan lvl 5
doomsday operation lvl 5
doomsday rapid firing lvl 4
jump portal generation lvl 4

This character is also sold with 2 full sets of HG amulets. I used one set is for titan and the other is for dread personally. Approx value is 8 bil Evepraisal - Appraisal zwvve: 2.68 Billion Buy / 8.07 Billion Sell

I am looking for 55bil


to the top!


29 B offer.

def not

from the bottom to the top

bump. Buyout reduced


I’ll give you 28.5 b for your toon
isk ready :wink:
see ya

considering the extraction profit value is over 34bil and not including 8bil in implants or bilions in expensive skillbooks i will hard pass on any offer near this low

actual extraction profit value is way lower than 34b…