WTS 53.3mil sp max REV and awesome AVATAR pilot. Titan 5. DDO 5

40B offer~

Still for sale? I can do 42B

hey sorry went afk… only entertaining offers over 50bil. evemail me when posting on here if able… thanks

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40b bid


ill take 50bil if in next 24hrs

Did you already got 50b offer? If not, would you consider 43B? Given that the current skill injector price drop and extractor price go up. Thanks.

no sorry. I would consider 49bil if today or else i just remove post and hold on to character till market rebounds

I am selling couple more plex. Does 45B Ok? It’s really hard to say when would the market rebound given the CCP’s recent updates. Thousands of skill injectors were recently produced by cloak camper alts. Titan is insanely expensive right now. I am just the one of the few newbie still decide to try super carr.

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49b. good until i say its not

Hey bud.

Sorry i completely forgot i had this character for sale… make it 52bil and we got a deal.

@I_P_Warucantseme Your pilot is always available ?

not sure I understand?

if you mean has it always been for sale? then yes. I dont play that account much and forgot i had a sale post for him