Selling Avatar / Revelation pilot 73M SP with cool name

Selling myself. Positive wallet, skill remap available now and 2 bonus remaps.

+5 implants clone

72.3M SP + 720k unallocated sp

I pay the transfer, all rules apply.

  • can fly Avatar/Revelation/Thanatos/Nyx
  • Amarr titan V
  • doomsday operation V
  • doomsday rapid firing V
  • T2 siege module
  • jump drive calibration V
  • capital T2 lazors
  • trained to fly Drekavac/Ikitursa/Leshak
  • T2 medium precursor weapons
  • heavy assault cruisers V
  • good drone skills, fighters V
  • cybernetics V, can use HG implant sets

Lavacore Imperial skins for Avatar and Revelation:

Titan skill and support skills injected and trained, ready for combat.

Start bid 60B.

66B I hope you sell it to me

Accept your offer, please start the transfer process

I have received ingame offer from RUO WIND for 70b ISK. I accept this offer.

Please transfer 70b ISK to this character and send me your account name in EVE mail so I know which account character will be transferred. After this I will start the transfer.

Thank you.

Your email has been received. Start to prepare 70B for you and transfer your account

The money has been transferred to your designated account, please start the transfer process

Thank you!

I confirm I have received the ISK. Starting transfer now.

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