Looking for price check 17m sp in progress Revelation toon


17m sp

looking for a price check, all skillbooks for revelation are injected.

large energy weapons V
JDC IV in progress
Has a genolution set of implants

Would also extract the 1m SP in drones or so to make it 16m sp and a bit more focused. if that would be worth it. Just looking for a price check if anyone could help me out.


Bid 15bil: also password?

ahh sorry 1234 is the pass

Are you willing to sell it now?

Not right now no, possibly in the near future however. Just seeing what kinda price it’s worth so I can plan some other things, before I sell it.

Alright. Just saying i would be interested in buying now at a reasonable price.

I appreciate it, if I change my mind I’ll let you know.

bump, is 15b an accurate price? anyone else want to weigh in?

My offer still stands. Feel like you would get more if you actually trained amarr dreadnaught, advanced space ship command, and extracted the drones + shield skills.


i can pay 16b

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