Amarr focused toon Revelation Nag t2 siege and guns

Looking for the value of my toon

About 26-27b
This is based on you selling it as a revelation / nag pilot.
Therefore it has about 6-7m sp wasted in skills it doesn’t need, and is lacking even basic jump skills.

It doesn’t have any of the advertized skills at 5 yet except siege & Guns.

Thats my offer anyway.

My Revelation can use t2 guns and when I say amarr focused, I mean it can fly everything amarr except frigates black ops and the damnation spec. I am lacking jump skills cause I have not needed them living in wh space. I see what your offer is. Thanks

Update on the nag. Can use t2 guns now

31B offer.

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Thanks for the offer


We’re you looking for a specific price ?

Just a little higher. Don’t want to offend you and say what it is. I guess it would be a buyout price

So… I’ll raise my Bid to 32. But not any higher unless something changes.

Bump, considering selling if reaches 40b. Got a offer of 36 already so come to steal this character or to watch

35b offer


36 B Isk in hand

Still interested.

Bump. Im in no rush


Offer has been retracted - @ISD can one of you move this to price checks so people don’t see it as an active auction since the seller has been inactive?