Amarr Dread, Legion and Confessor
Wana know what i can get.
Confessor, small lasers 5,
Legion, Medium lasers 5 and Heavy missiles 5
Paladin, Large lasers 5 - update
Revelation Seige and capital lasers 5

Bump .

Bump .

Last Bump. No one could give me a number?

Hi. Well, it has lack of some essential skills, so i would say 16.5b?

From what I know all that I lack from being a dread pilot is JDC. Its a hard no for 16.5

You were asking for a price and i gave you the price which i would have pay for it.

Youre right, pardon me for expecting you to be reasonable

Asking people about price and then arguing about it.
Sorry me for expecting you to be reasonable…
Good luck in selling =)

i can offer 18b B/O if u r willing to sell

Thanks for the higher offer but I have to refuse

If still for sale i have 20b B/O


21 B/O

22 b/o - good for 24h

22.5b B/O . are you still selling the char?

bump. If offer gets high enough. ill sell

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