WTS Caldari Battleship Wreck

Who wants to buy this?
It’s fun to have wreck in the dock.
I received an offer to buy for 850 million ISK.

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bump bump bump

mail me a price ingame

Can I buy it for half the price of a raven and repair it in a station’s repair shop so I can fly it? I’m really broke and can’t afford to fit a full raven. How about 145M? Thx!

This is somthing I’ve not seen before and I’ve played for like 18 years lol

Weird and wonderful collectors items this :slight_smile:
Good luck with the sale

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thx = )

I received an offer to buy for 850 million ISK.
Maybe someone wants to make a 2nd offer?

Wait so I CAN’T repair the wreck and fly it? I thought repair shop in stations can fix any item… :frowning: sorry then, I won’t buy it.

400 mil offfer

It has already been proposed 850 I wrote about it here.

600m offer then

I won’t even notice such an amount on my multi-billion dollar wallet)

I’d love to offer 1b for this, that looks like fun to have in your hangar :slight_smile:

I like 1 billion, can I create a contract for you?

1.1b offer

I like 1.1b, can I create a contract for you?

Yes, contract to me.

Great buy, thanks.

aw, I would have offered more - rip


I’ll give you 2.2b for it, if you feel like that’d work - odd items are a thing I def like to grab when I get the chance, this feels like a neat one