SOLD - Fiend


Located in a high sec NPC station, hull only.

400b offer

Bump, looking for 500bil.

If doing over 1000 dps in a speedtanking heavy interdictor is your thing, this ship is one of a kind.

There are only a few left in the game after a significant amount of them have been lost to ban waves and the original pilots that were rewarded with the ships quitting the game. To my knowledge, mine is the only one publically for sale, so grab it before someone else does.

410b :stuck_out_tongue:


425bil offer received ingame, still looking for more to sell it. Grab it while you can!

430b Right Naaw

No sell to me

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Daily bump. For 500 billion ISK, this magnificent ship can indeed be yours.

Bump, still for sale

440b offer

I bought one a week ago for 480

bump. 450bil offered ingame. Starting to get close, but still looking for a bit more. Get it while you can!

455b sir

Bump. Sale price is now 475bil.

First bidder to get there gets the ship. If we can’t get that high, i’ll hold onto the ship for a while more while the prices go up.


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