WTS Raven State Issue

Good Evening,

As I am quitting the game, I am looking to sell this piece of Eve Online history.

Feel free to mail me bids, post them here or hit me up on Discord. The discussion on price that will be posted by the regular window shoppers is welcome but will not effect the price.

Start: 2.8trillion in isk, AT Ships, Plex or other stable assets.



ill offer you 500bil, 5 Moreau’s and a keepstar.

I know its a super lowball but its what i have on hand atm

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PM sent

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Best i can offer is 467 Dreads mix of rev nag and phoenix 1 keepstar and 21 fortizars


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To @Bluemelon Consider this your Bump for the day. ~Buldath

1 isk and the promise to make every ship die in your name. And every newbie that joins eve the funds to buy the needed ships and fits

hey @Bluemelon

@ISD_Buldath deleted my post … i think because i didnt offer any isk … because i am not space rich … ok … i can offer 2.2 billion isk … that is all i have … other offer more … lot more “WOW what numbers they can offer” but i dont have that much

so you leave … you dont need the isk anyways and you could sponser me when you sell the stuff to me for a low price

@ISD_Buldath sorry for beeing poor but i cant give as much as other but it is a serious offer for the seller …



Wonder who’s gonna place “want to loan 2T>” first…

Just wonder why you need other assets as a trade off while you are leaving for good?

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My “serious” offer is 25 billion isk.

Not everyone can pay in ISK or whatever and my friends all like their AT ships. Replacing whelps seems to be a pass time of mine.


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my serious offer is 30b.
I know that is a lowball offer. But I hope that I can get the piece of history for that kind of offer.

Fly save

Jason Balck

1 ISK and every Imperium missile doctrine will be named some variety of ‘ColorSquash’, including a RR MJD Raven ‘BlueMelonFleet’. And DBRB will never get to fly the ship.

That includes Cerbs, so Asher’ll be forced to use something named after you.


My current serious offer is 50b isk

You never replaced any of my welps. I guess I’m not as special as the other people. And also I will give you my 3 AT vessels for the RSI. I knows it’s a lowball buy I do t have anything else and want to keep it In the family

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offer 10b. always wanted one

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Mails replied to!

would a coupel of t2 bpos be usefull of trade maby ?