WTS Raven Statue Issue

Good Evening, Eve Online peeps.

For the past few years I have periodically been putting this up for sale, with some good offers but nothing to really wow me.
This is the 2020 post selling this wonderful ship.
It is one of 2 (I think), possibly 3 in circulation - the other being owned by Entity.
This is the highest DPS battleship in the game, with the exception of a fully officer Leshak at 15kms fully spooled with heat.

The starting bid for this ship is 2.5 Trillion isk, or equivalent in AT Ships/plex etc.
IstIskwill be used to partially fund the new 5v5 tournaments!

Feel free to post your offers here or mail me privately.
My discord is [BWARLORD] Bluemelon #0530 but I don’t reply super fast on that.

Please keep your opinions on the price/use/value of the ship to yourselves and refrain from posting on this thread unless its an offer or request for more information.
For those interested in if I actually own it, feel free to check zkill.

Kindest Regards



Glad to see one of these back on the auction block, was my dream ship back when I started playing.

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I think because of this epic sale we can give him some slack.

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Have PGL auction it on the hypernet relay!


It worked out so well last time. 3 days is not enough

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