WTS - Malice

You can tell I’ve been away from the game for ten years because I tried posting this in auctions. The only thing more dead than that forum is a miner in a low sec belt. So we move it to here.

I did a PC thread a few days ago, it put the value to 260B at the last sale so I’ll be entertaining bids 260B and up.

I am not desperate for ISK, so please no lowball bids or scam attempts.

The ship is located in safe high security space 1 jump away from jita. It will not be moved.

Since time is valuable and I doubt most people realize I collect unique ships I am adding a screenshot to prove ownership so people know their time isn’t wasted by a re-named punisher

Bidding starts at 260B, may the best man woman or alien win.

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Bumping this to the top.

And up we go. Still up for sale, I’ve had some interest at 220 ingame, still looking for 240-260 though. There might be quite a few other tourny/unique ships up. But this one is one of the older and rarer ones. Not to mention the stunning detail work on the model. Amarr Victor ladies and gentlemen.


To the top we go. Get yourself a piece of Eve-history. Leave it in a station to increase 50-100b in value over the next 12 months for a re-sell or go get yourself some epic kill mails (or loss mails).

Personally I need the ISK to fund my new crippling amateur trading hobby.

Good luck on ur sale but anyone thinking ATs increase in value still is delusional , quick way to check is for how much that RSI sold… or the latest Chremoas… or the latest Virtuosos :stuck_out_tongue:

Only way for them is the other direction :arrow_down:

Yeah I don’t really see Cov-Op’s being in quite the same class as an assault frigate. I also don’t see eve-online stopping inflation. Oh I’m sure they will try, but we all know they will not stop the rich from getting ever richer and there is nothing that counters inflation like a unique ship.

But hey, talking down value is your business. As for an increase in value. I purchased this for 20 billion a good ten years ago. I think we all know how the price has gone since then.

I bought a Guardian Vexor in 2007 I believe for 25 billion. That one is not coming up for sale, but I think everyone will have a rough estimate of how that particular investment has paid off.

That said I do agree that the 260B starting bid was a bit high, having just returned to eve after years of inactivity I just went with the PC number.

220-240 is probably a more reasonable range and I’ll entertain reasonable offers.

I think the fact that I am holding on to the Guardian Vexor should tell you what I think about the future price movements of unique ships though. A unique ship going for 2.5T ISK a few days ago also speaks volume on sentiment about these items among those who can afford them. I think you also agree with me, but I suspect you’re hoping I’ll get really desperate and give you a quick 40B profit flip :wink: alas while I may not find forum trading fun it’s not boring enough to give away a fortune either.


I know. I offered it to her ingame earlier today for 220B since we’re on the same hypernet channel. The lesson here being that if you offer Legit Salesgirl a good deal, she’ll try to torpedo your sale’s thread as a thank you.

It is safe to say, I will not be offering her any private deals in the future.

As hard as they’re screaming for lower prices, the hypernet shilling must not be working out so well.

Woah … This is going places …

Legit. I dont think you know what the RSI actually did sell for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yes, in relation to the AT frigs and cruisers i too think its actually underprized. Or was. No RSI likely will ever be sold again. Probably no BS class unique will be.

In any case, these prizes have no reasonable base. They are purely demand/supply related and kinda went up with people have more ISK too.

@Jonny_101 dont act like you cradled that Gvexor for the last 13years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And yes. It was 25b.

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I can assure you that entitys spare RSI won’t leave his hanger for less than twice what blue sold his for.

This joint is certainly popping.

@Legit_Salesgirl This is a computer game, I play it for fun. I am not jealous of your net worth, nor that of anyone else’s. I’m a pirate/mercenary who flies Tech II fitted battlecruisers or Battleships who simply suffered from too much success and re-invested that success in what has continued to be the single greatest investment in this game, namely unique ships. Thus I became even richer. This despite continually donating 50% of my regular income to my corporations since about 2008.

I work in sales in real life, which is why I’d rather drop the price of this by 20-40B than to spend weeks selling this (and it does take time to sell items of this value, very few people have the liquid ISK in their wallets for such purchases and need time to gather the cash). I play to relax from work, not to continue my job in my spare time.

The only thing you have achieved from trying to denigrate the value of this ship is to make yourself look bad and show everyone, that if they approach you as you so welcomingly invite in your bio to do business, the result will be that you will try to publicly ■■■■ all over their business. I will for obvious reasons not be doing business with you in the future. After all, for someone so certain about the doom of AT prices, you’re awfully eager to buy any you can get your hands on at knock down prices. Almost as if being undervalued objects was your bread and butter…

@Phoenix_Pryde As for cradling that Gvexor for the last 13 years, I purchased what was intended to be a long-term anti-inflationary asset and emergency backup fund and as any sensible man would, I put it in the safest place I could think of in eve. Namely, your garage :smiley:.

So let it be known, that Phoenix did indeed hold on to my Gvexor with zero collateral, and after a price rise of…I don’t even want to try and calculate how many % still contracted it back to me at 0 isk when I returned to eve after being gone for almost ten years as was agreed in a simple verbal agreement 13 years prior. I don’t know how famous Phoenix is, I knew him from a different game where we were enemies before Eve was invented, but his reputation in that game was pristine and I consider him as reliable as Chribba in this one as well.

Now, let’s get back to selling this Malice which is currently taking reasonable offers in the 220B range since 260 seems to be a price that’ll require more time than I’d care to spend on this forum.

I personally predict that Gvexors won’t be sold for less than 1T isk within 2 years, a Malice won’t have the same price rise but I’d be genuinely shocked to see this below 500B 2 years from now. That is an investment return no pyramid-scheme hedgefond will even lie about being able to get you in this game and for those of us with more ISK than we know what to do with, there is no better way of banking the excess. As proven by myself 10-13 years ago when I invested less than 50B into unique ships.

That or you could be a straight up baller and go solo pirate with it in low sec.

Hmmm so messaging someone and trying to pitch overpriced stuff is “business” interesting.
Happy you don’t message me again don’t want to hear about your 500b Guardian Vexor next :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care what people think or say about me sir, I traded far more ATs then all of the people commenting here together and thus have the most knowledge simply. Based on that I didn’t wanted to make an offer you quit chat molding and I called ur stupid price out here :man_shrugging:

“500b Malice” oh god yikes. See thats the thing I mean you have absolutely no clue what happend to this Game the last 2 years. This is just sad delusion :slightly_frowning_face:

I will just re ping this stupid post in a year and we talk about ur delusion once again :ok_hand:
Or… whenever I list mine for 185b :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see you back here in two years Miss Doom and Gloom. When all the trillionaires of eve have mysteriously gone bankrupt and it’s become a perfect socialist utopia. Because those totally happen and the rich won’t just get richer and richer or anything…

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I havent spoken to Entity in the last decade … But tbh i dont see any reason for him to part with any rare spares … The only reason might be a trade or to get something of equal rarity … But what us left thats either available or he hasnt already ? ;D

The one thing i m nit sure about is who the 4th. I thought you got it from F90OEX, and the 4th being with some oldie. Or does F90OEX still hold his, and yours was the 4th ?

@Jonny_101 Not sure if you’re active in game, but I sent you an in game mail. If discord / another way of communication is better then let me know.
Cheers! :parrot:

I’m at the office currently, I’ll get back to you in a few hours ingame.

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Good morning all. I have had two ingame bids for the malice. It is currently up on contract to one potential buyer for 250B ISK, however I have not heard back from the buyer since yesterday so we will see if it actually moves within the 7 hours left on the contract.

I have a second bid for 215B from a buyer who also intends to gloriously fly it in battle, which frankly warms my pirate heart.

As such it seems today is most likely the last chance for anyone else to join in the bidding. I’ll be available ingame to talk but the goal is to end the sale today one way or the other.

The sale will be an item exchange contract, made by me in the normal way and the item is located in an NPC station in safe space one jump from jita. Absolutely no excuses will make me move it, direct trade it or let the buyer setup an item exchange contract, so if you’re a scammer reading this don’t waste both our time please.

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Keep it on topic and civil. Only warning.

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