PC - Malice, unique tourny prize ship

I recently returned to eve-online and I have no clue what anything is worth. I’m probably not selling it as I don’t really need the ISK but I would like to have some clue of what it’s actually worth these days.

Please don’t message me in game with offers or anything and 100% don’t try to scam me into selling it to you at some laughable prize. Any sale would take place via a forum auction even if it was to take place.

200+ bil at minimum. Not sure what the last sale was.

I paid 260B for mine (With delivery out of Jita to REDACTED Station
I will be interested in buying your if you decide to sell.

Not bad. I’ll have to think about it to be honest. I was exclusively a pvp player back when I played, this time around I’m getting into industry and trading but I still have more ISK in my wallet than I can responsible use to trade with until I get better at it.

300~ billion worth of extra trading capital might seem tempting to me in a month or two though once I get to grips with it so it’s not impossible we can do some business at some point if you’re interested.

FYI: WTA - Malice - Unique Alliance Tournament Prize

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