PC - Guardian-Vexor

What the topic says basically. Been away for ten years, curious what it’s worth.

Keep in mind, while I might consider selling the Malice I did a PC on in a few months if I can find a use for the ISK, this ship is more of a passion project and I can’t imagine anyone would be willing to pay what It’d take to make me part with it. So don’t get your hopes up, I’m just looking for a PC so I know what my net worth is and I think it’s good to inform the eve community that one of these historical artefacts live on in my hangar.

According to big lynx, multiple trillions. Realistically, 600 billionish.

That would make me a trillionaire space-pirate in terms of net worth (excluding characters of course).

That is the coolest thing I have ever been able to say about myself in any game ever.

Let’s ignore the fact that being a trillionaire probably isn’t that special anymore, that is unimportant. So say I, Jonny 101. Trillionaire space-pirate.

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Last one i’m aware of sold for 525bil

Thank you. Do you recall when roughly this was?

With this kind of isk I’d buy up all the PI and throw it into turmoil.

Now we know why you lack that kind of isk.

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