WTS Guardian-Vexor

Selling this ancient limited ship. The last offer I can find on these forums is from a year ago at 590B, so let’s go with that unless anyone wants to offer higher - although like I said in the post below I might entertain lower offers. I’m not interested in trades.

It’s located in high sec (1.0).

Bump. Looking at the most recent thread, it’s not clear if the guy selling was inflating the offers he was saying he was getting for a faster sale, so I might entertain a slightly lower price? There was at least a concrete 550B offer, and that’s before a years inflation, so…


Really cool ship.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this ship can field up to 10 drones if you have Gal cruiser V, and it still has 125Mb bandwidth.

Good luck with sale! Wish I was wealthy enough to make an offer that wasn’t insulting.




Looks like it’s not gonna happen in time…

Well, I guess I can cut it down to just 500B. It’s a little less than what I need, but I can fill in the difference. That’s if anyone offers within the next 24 hours - by this Friday it’ll be too for what I need the money for urgently.

250b to start you off :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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That’s a lower price than any have sold for since I believe late 2015, but thank you for the offer regardless!

Thats the issue none have sold since then and a certain individual has tried to sell his for 500-700b months/years now it even ended up on Hypernet at launch and Failed for a reasonable price

Aiming for 500b is just very very unlikely to happen but still possible like what do I know a Golden Magnate sold for 3.3t :rofl:

Anyways best of luck on the sale

My numbers for this are primarily based on this thread here (WTS Guardian-Vexor) which seems to have several offers in excess of 500B, some quite a bit higher. I looked briefly at the posters and most of them seem to be real people. Looking at it, you also posted there and said that 550B was too low? So I’m kinda confused by what you’re saying, unless I’m misunderstanding. I also found some conversation suggesting someone bought one through contracts last year for around the same price range, so it doesn’t seem like an unrealistic price point to me.

Anyway, I’m not aiming for some pie in the sky price like the guy in that thread - but anything less than 500B would fail to reach what I wanted by selling for to begin with, so what will be will be.

To Clarify I never said his price was to low , just that what he paid was to high which means he can’t sell for less makes a bit more sense with context :ok_hand:

Thats the one I am referring to as well , it never sold he just gave up on Bumping it after the Hypernet Failed it. He had it for close to a Year for sale if not longer legit since I started Trading I saw him Selling that Guardian Vexor.

500b isn’t unrealistic it is one of those sales that never will have a clear value and need the right person to sell it to which there is only a few left , what it will be in the end is just another “WTS Guardian Vexor” post that will get bumped for the next coming months which is fine if u got the time but don’t think it sells until Friday because u knocked off a few bil… that is the unrealistic part :ok_hand:

Your best shot might be to just Mail everyone who made such an High offer on the old Post and see if they are still interested.

Also this is my last Response don’t want to spam ur Thread since u are being really Reasonable/Respectful wish u best of luck on ur Sale. :heart:

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Hey, this is actually pretty good advice! Thanks a lot.

I’ll still hold out hope that someone might jump on it today, though - reasonable or not, this is still the best price in 2 years on the forums. I don’t think any collectors who are still kicking around will get a better deal.

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Awesome auction.

My only response is maybe one of these days I’ll make enough to afford something like this

260b offer

270b :ok_hand:

Technically it’s been 24 hours, but I’m gonna bump this one more time and leave the offer open until tonight before putting the price back to the original point. I really was hoping to raise the money before Friday, even if it’s an effort in vain. I could maybe liquidate some stuff quickly and have things work out with a tiny bit less than 500B, but I kinda doubt that would make much difference.