WTS Guardian- Vexor Unique Ship

(Big Lynx) #1


(Tobias Johnsen) #2

I like a look at the ship and fittings

(Mabel Honeycomb) #3

Please post the current fit and rigs if there are any

(Big Lynx) #4

It is the hull only

(Big Lynx) #5


(Caldari Citizen 34526534) #6

1 trillion for this, are you joking ?

I bought mine 50b in 2013, this ship isn’t that special.

(Spookyjay) #7

far from unique. its 1 of about 35 left from the original 50 given out in 2004 as part of a hauling event.

(Big Lynx) #8


(Zahara Cody) #9

Imagine that.

(Big Lynx) #10


(InterStellar Architect) #11

You never know what a 15 year old kid of an oil tycoon will do :wink:
but probably even they will think it’s a stupid price.

(Big Lynx) #12

super rare. it’s hot

(Big Lynx) #13

Price update 999b

(Big Lynx) #14

price update 998b

(The Judge) #15

When you’re ready to talk non-insane numbers send me a mail.

(Zahara Cody) #16

Hold your breath.

(Ag3nt Jita) #17


(The Judge) #18

That’s the one thing I’m not doing.