WTS AT Ship - Malice

WTS Malice

Post offers


160 Billion

Hey, sorry for the slow reply, if the offer still stands I’ll take this. Let me know the character you want it contracted to and I’ll set it up. It’s located in a high sec 1 jump from jita or very close.

I’ll check back a few times a day so we can get this sorted. @Minnie_x_Mouse

Hello, DMed you in game

165b offer

170b offer

175 b

180b :slight_smile:

Mailed you ingame.

I also mailed you ingame… about three weeks ago.

185 b

190b .

I don’t play / log into the game anymore so messaging me there won’t get much of a reply sorry. I will go check my mail now to see what’s up. Also surprised about the sudden interest.

Checked in game mail and @GET_RICH_QUICK has the highest offer still at 190b. Will sell 24h from now to the highest offer at 14:00 UTC 21/02/2023. If they don’t respond or reply I will sell it to the next highest bidder.

Thank you for your interest!

I’ll offer 200b

@The_Archiviste Mail me in game or here the character you would like it contracted to.

Sent you a message in game :slight_smile:

of all the people posting here, only me and @Itaer would actually fly the ship, the rest will keep it docked until it’s resold for profit

False. This one will be flown and eventually die to Vonhole (or a t1 destroyer ofc) :slight_smile:

yea right, nice killboard you have there