[Sold] WTT / WTS 127m SP - OG 2004 Raven PVP Pilot - what?

PW: mynewtoon

Current Top Bidder: KGB OpenUP - 113 billion
Auction Ends: Friday, August 9th @ 23:00 EVE Time.


  • 5.0 Sec Status
  • No Kill Rights
  • Positive Wallet
  • High Rep with Gall / Min / SoE
  • Skills - OMG, so many ships; lots and lots of subcaps skills; blops; caldari capitals; command links; rorquals, and MORE!

Willing to trade for another toon with more than 100m SP depending on what else you throw in to sweeten the deal.

You can message Heraklitus Nomidzon in-game if you’d like to make a private bid or respond here with your offer.

** Edit: As KGB OpenUP has pointed out to me, I cannot include assets like ships in the offer according to Character Bazaar rules, so the Chimera and the Widow will not be included.

110 bil

How long is the auction likely to run?

I won’t sit on any offer for more than a week, nor will I accept any offer without first waiting 24 hours after it was first made.

After 6 days, I am going to accept the above offer for 110 billion if I don’t get a better one.

111 B/O

113 bil

I’ll be closing the auction on Friday @ 23:00 EVE Time.

Only 4 more days to bid on this amazing character!

3 days till the auction closes. Start your weekend off right… with a new character.

Less than 36 hours until the auction ends. Did I mention that he comes with ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND unspent skill points? I’d say don’t spend it all in one place, but it’s probably better to.

Laaaaaast call!

Auction is closed, congrats to KGB OpenUP!

Isk and account name sent. Thank you

Isk received, character transfer started. Enjoy your new character! :slight_smile:

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