WTS 96 Mil PVP Tengu/Sub Cap, Great character (AUCTION) SOLD

Now listed as an Auction:
Expires in 1 week 10/03/21 @ 12 ET

Starting BID 59 Bil
Buyout 79 Bil

Fully focussed PVP Character, Quick transfer available.

Highlights are:-

96 Million SP
182 Extractors
Born 2009
1 Remap
Mid Grade Snake Set Installed
Mid Grade Chrystal Set
+4 Set
18 Lvl 5 Gunnery Skills (total of 13.5Mil SP)
13 Lvl 5 Missile Skills (total of 10.8Mil SP)
32.7Mil in Spaceship command

Incredibly flexible PVP Pilot with no holes. Perfect in a Tengu, Hecate
,Dramil, etc. with some very cool skins thrown in!

Looking for a new home. Please make sensible Bids.

Positive Sec. status & wallet
No Killrights
Located in high-sec, Jita 4,4
ISK will goto this Char. as per forum rules, and you can contact my main (Lucky Bee) for a fast reply.

Thanks for reading!

60b offer

Thank you for the Offer but I’m not looking to sell for extraction value.

Have a great day!

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Daily Bump.

Listed as an Auction

62 Bil

65 bill

Only 4 Days Left to go!

3 Days Left!

just wondering should i have the isk ready?

2 Days to go.

Seems like you might have a bargain Chance. I will be in touch the minute it’s ended.

Less than 1 Day -Auction ending soon!

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5Hrs to go!

Auction Now closed.

Character goes to Chance Taker.

Please send the ISK to this character as per CCP rules and send me your account details for transfer.


You won the auction but I have not heard from you?

Character can be sent once you send the ISK and account details!

I offer 60b to restart the bid, if you agree.
isk is ready.

62b if you want new bid

#sigh# It would seem some shouldn’t be trusted I guess. Messages sent to both of you, and thanks for the replies!

Kind regards,

last bid 63b