[SOLD] WTS 21+mil SP Perfect Ishtar Pilot

21,434,599 SP with 200,000 unallocated SP to use on whatever you need.

Neural Remap Available with 2 bonus remaps available.


Gallente Cruiser 5
Drone Navigation 5
Drone Sharpshooting 5
Drone Interfacing 5
Drone Durability 5
Heavy Drone Operation 5
Sentry Drone Interfacing 5
Caldari Drone Specialization 5

Character is a perfect ishtar pilot with no wasted SP. Basically has all the Ishtar, Shield and Drone skills maxed out. Previous life as a Guristas killer, able to solo Guristas Havens, Sanctums, 6,8 and 10/10 with ease. If capsuleers are more to your appetite, he can also kill them well too.

This is a very specialised character with no wasted SP and as such he will demand a premium above “Extract and Burn” prices.

5.0 sec status
NPC Corp
positive wallet balance
no kill rights
located in highsec
Transfer as per all character bazaar rules

Starting Bid: 15B
B/O: 22B

16B :yum:

20b accept?

Accept my offer
I will send isk and account info to you

hisec mission standings?

I m offering 22b for your char
Accept it

QueenOfEast, your offer of 22 billion isk for this character is accepted. Please send isk and account information to this character in accordance with the character bazaar rules and I will transfer straight away.

shame, if it has good standings i’ll bid.

I have charged my account with PLEX
But haven’t show up
It’s bed time for me
I will send in isk in 8hours

No communication or isk from QueenOfEast so the auction is still going.

Neutral standings to empire factions but very easy to grind to lvl 4 with no problems using a perfect ishtar or sharing misssion standings with a friend/alt.

Please post your bids and the auction goes on. Don’t miss out on such a specialised character.

18b right now





20b… for one hour.

QueenOfEast you offer 22b and your offer is accepted then you ignore seller and now you bid again with lower price?

My offer 20b

Getting close Ronni Ormand, just after a little more.

The character is available to transfer now and I have lowered the buyout to 22B. First person to offer this gets it.

First person other then QueenOfEast that is. She is obviously a little “special” and seems unable to find her mums credit card to buy more isk. I will not be accepting offers from her.

I would go 21 right now but thats is sorry