[ARTEP] Gallente Factional Warfare, PvP and Indy

Arm of Corypheaus is Gallente Factional Warfare Corp.

I have formed [ARTEP] to be a corporation that will be dedicated to helping pilots interested in learning about lowsec, factional warfare, solo and small gang pvp.

I have opportunities for budding industrialists that are also interested in pvp. Whether you are new to Eve or old, I can teach you:

*How to brawl *How to scout *How to tackle like an interceptor and maintain a long point *How to feather *How to understand remote repair and juggle multiple targets as a logistics pilot *Help understand ship fitting.

*To develop a robust and simple, hassle free PI colony, from the pioneer of the hybrid extractor planet and factory planet system which was designed specifically for Lowsec Planetary Interaction.
*How to run Factional Warfare missions solo and as a group, hailing from a long background of breaking open mission content with more accessible ships that are more friendly to new beginning pilots.
*How to run Factional Warfare objectives (plexes) and defend yourself and your space.

I do these things because this is what I enjoy, showing people how to fly. Can everyone learn all these things quickly? No. Some of these maneuvers are difficult to perform, but practice helps with conditioning and muscle memory. You lose nothing in trying and I guarantee you will walk away with more than what you came in with. Distinct medals are given out for the 5 categories of training which I offer. There is no pressure to complete these trials, but training is the core idea behind my vision, with roaming and pewing a close second, with industry, last but not the least of, viewed as a necessity of war.

If you are interested in these things, please feel invited to join me in my in game chat channel: ARTEP or send me an in-game Evemail.

You can access it by clicking on Open Channel Window there on the sign of addition beside your other chat windows and typing “ARTEP”. There you will find a link to a recruitment AD and my Character ID as links. Have a good day.




Bump. Learn how to fight against pirates and figure out the system of Factional Warfare. How to fly missile ships, turret ships, laser ships, fast ships, slow ships.

Bump for pilots looking to learn in a relaxed and respectful environment.

Ships for training are provided.

Interested in industrialists that play their games like an RTS. Learn how to be an independent war machine. Weapon production is easy to learn. Experience the glory of sending your own creations into war and always having spares when others run out.

Bump. Learn how to fly combat ships and not worry about your losses. Enjoy the multiple facets of Eve and not just pvp. Get clear instructions and learn fleet lingo. Micro gang (2-5 pilots) content, Fleet content, and resources available for those who are more independent.

7 pilots successfully trained. 2 in kiting, 2 in brawling, 3 in scouting.

This is at no cost. In fact many of these dudes walked away with a free ship, functional in every way for its intended purpose. Only cost is time.

Tired of being an f1 jockey? Anchoring on FC losing its appeal? Learn how to skirmish and fly in smaller gangs. Join ARTEP and expand your experience of Eve. There’s more to pvp than blobby roams. Bump

Becoming more Alpha friendly every day. Join us and learn in a relaxed environment while you wait for skills catch up to your skill as a pilot. Yes, that can be you, itching for a skill injector after you realize this is not a waiting game but a chess match. bump

For those looking to join a great corp, it doesn’t get any better than ARTEP. I joined ARTEP a couple of weeks ago looking for a chance to learn more about being a better pilot. Oreb has done a great job not only demonstrating the concepts, but also helping with skill queue guidance and general skill overviews. I’ve played Eve off an on for the past few years, and I’ve learned more about piloting a ship in the last two weeks than I have in my entire Eve experience.

Great corporation full of great folks. Highly recommended.

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Guy yesterday told me, ‘So, it’s just you 4? That’s it? I’m kinda looking for safety in numbers.’

If you’re looking for safety in numbers, Artep is not for you. This is about ME showing YOU how to swing manual combat maneuvers and find an Isk generating activity which suits you best. Then having fun in a gang once you got your sea legs.

I told him, “Anyone can be a sheep, but a predator knows how to separate the weak from the fold.
Don’t be a sheep.”

Be the dog that wags the tail, not the tail that gets wagged by the dog.

“And when they seek
to oppress you
And when they try
to destroy you,
Rise and rise again
and again
Like the Phoenix
from the ashes
Until the lambs
have become lions
and the rule of Darkness
is no more”

Still kicking. Still growing.

Don’t ask for a king, because you want him to fight your battles for you. Ask for a friend, who would risk as much as you would.


If you are a Jr FC looking for experience and a stock of ships for creating content, look us up.


Oreb is an amazing mentor and helps everyone he meets. Hes very experienced in the game and is a great guide for new players. If you are like me and want a small family to join and help you out and teach you, while having fun. there is no better corp to join!

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Looking for a corp? Feel like you’re free time is too limited to join one? Play other games?

No big deal. Recruitment is open for pilots who play when they want to. Fleet pings sent out regardless. Come fly when you can.

WTB bourbon and ligero puros as well. Please DM.

I’ve gotta say - I’ve been a member of this corp for a good month now. The group of folks in this corp are absolutely top notch. It’s truly quality over quantity. Such a blast to fly with, and someone is always on. Multiple members in each time zone means more folks to fly with. Highly recommend this corp!

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Interested in a group that actually TEACHES you how to pvp and doesn’t just string you along? Drop on by and see what we’re about.

Fight the odds by being better, not by overwhelming numbers.

Each of my pilots gets personal time that I work on with them to improve their piloting ability. A lot of questions are usually answered during the training sessions too, but that’s not something I mind, as I enjoy all the teaching parts.

We offer a lot in the short term, with plenty of long term vision to peal away at.

We are alpha friendly. High sp content available as well.

Oreb bends over backwards to get you what you need for things to make sense. The rest is up to you.