Ascendance Rising - Open to All

Ascendance Rising is the High Security based arm of Ascendance, one of the largest corps of Goonswarm Federation.

There are no requirements for joining Ascendance Rising and we welcome new players or veterans alike. So if you are just starting your journey in Eve Online as an Alpha account holder or have played for years, we will have a place for you.

Enjoy connecting with other players in safety and comfort, while taking part in a multitude of activities and learning from some of the brightest minds in EVE Online. Being in Ascendance Rising you will have access to the main corp via Discord as well as in game chats. This means that no matter the timezone you play, someone will be around to help guide you.

We ensure members are as safe as possible by being immune to war, so if your play style is to take part in PvE or mining you can do so with only the normal hazards that Eve presents. If you prefer to fly dangerously, we will give you the opportunity to engage in combat under the guidance of battle hardened Fleet Commanders.

We offer facilities and advice to help you generate ISK, including a low tax rate to ensure what you earn stays in your wallet.

Apply in game to join!

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We are still recruiting and open to all.

We are still recruiting and open to all.

We are still recruiting and open to all.

We are still open to all and recruiting.