Rise above the Rest! Join Ascendance!

Ascendance, is currently recruiting. We are part of Goonswarm Federation and The Imperium Coalition. While We are a big corporation, We still retain the close atmosphere of a small corporation.

We Offer:

  • Alpha Clone Friendly
  • Small Fleet PVP
  • Large Scale Fleet PVP
  • Capital and Titan Warfare
  • Full Ship Replacement Program Alliance + Corp SRP(PVP for Free or close to it)!
  • 23/7 Boosted Mining Fleets
  • Ratting in some of the best space in the game
  • Null sec Incursions
  • Specialized Squads and Interest groups to join.
  • Free Frigates for PVP
  • Fun Fleet roams & Serious Fleets.
  • The most well stocked Null-Sec region market in EVE.
  • Jump freighter service to and from Jita and other areas.
  • Active Members in All Timezones,
  • Mumble, Jabber, Forums, and Discord
  • 4 (2 KIA) Keepstars funded solely by members + many other structures and access to 50+ other Alliance Keepstars.

Our Zkillboard

We Require:

  • 1 Strategic Reimbursement fleet every 1 month(Subject to Change). Can’t be any easier than this. As Coalition usually has Several Per day or more.
  • Log in to Mumble, Jabber, and Utilize the forums.
  • Must have at least 2-3 weeks of steady ESI activity such as market transactions, mission completions, Tutorial completion, and others. Players not meeting this will be sent to our High-sec corp.

Ascendance is a NO Scam corporation. What this means:

  1. No one will ask you for isk to join.
  2. No one will ask you to trade your assets to them in order to get you out to null.
    If someone asks for these things, you are getting scammed and you need to notify a Diplomat or Recruiter immediately.

Update: Nov 7, 2018 We deployed 3rd corp funded keepstar
Update: Feb 2 2019 keepstars keep getting deployed everywhere!
Update Feb 23 2020 We now provide Corp SRP on top of Alliance SRP.
update July 14 2021 We lost some keepstars and some activities in delve suspended due to war
Update: March 2022 Corp Built another keepstar for 4 total built, 2 lost during war.

To apply: join ‘Ascendance recruitment’ channel. Follow the directions listed in the MOTD.



Still looking for Pilots

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Still Recruiting

We’re active in all time zones

Now Hiring!

quoting myself :grinning:

Vegas Fanfest is in full swing, so is our Recruitment.

Join today!

im alpha with 1.4mil skills.casual online.so?

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we definitely accept casual players as well

Recruitment still open

So is the application really the only necessary step to get in? Also, are Mumble and Jabber a must?

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minimum 2 weeks in-game activity as well, and an interview. But if you’re asking if any fees or anything like that then no, just an application.

Jabber is how pings(notices) for fleets are sent out, mumble is how we communicate.

Recruitment is still Open

Join the fun!

ASCEE is Recruiting

Looking for active pvp’ers

Recruiting open