Ashfell Celestial Academy is recruiting!

–ACA: Learn to live the good EvE life!

Who we are:

  • We respect the priority of real life
  • An experienced and friendly group of players
  • ACA is a HIGH SEC & NON AGGRESSIVE corporation aimed at training pilots for eve.
  • We particularly frown upon those who pick on the weak and defenseless.
  • Great environment for both new and established High and low sec players
  • An anti-pirate & Anti-scam corporation

ACA offers :

  • Multiple divisions:
    WH space

  • Multiple timezones:
    US and EU

  • Multiple activities:
    Mission running
    Invasion running
    Division Ops
    PVP fleets
    Moon mining
    Great amount of knowledge

ACA seeks :

  • All pilots, experienced or new. Pilots must speak (at least) basic english.
    The pilots must be able to join discord and teamspeak.

  • Preferably looking for:
    PVP players
    PVE Players

All capsuleers that join --ACA :

Will be provided with assistance, training, information knowledge, and help by our more aged players who enjoy helping the new pilot overcome, and grow from, the trials faced by a newer player. Please hang out in --ACA public chat and get to know our members and enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Join our public channel: --ACA

CEO: Greviouss / Maistus StarPwner
Recruiters: d3l s0l , Monster Cookie ,

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We are running operations on a daily basis. Once in the Academy you are free to join them!

We help you to have fun at this game by creating a great playing environment! Join us!

Join our ingame chat --ACE and get to know us

We are still looking for pilots!

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